Parsi Wedding Bhonu

Started the New Year with close friends sinfully feasting on Jamon Iberico,Foie Gras, Cheese-Grapes,Vindaloo and Pao while watching Salman Khan and his countdown on TV.I start this year's blog with the Parsi-Persian wedding I attended cos Parsi weddings are about fun and frolic and that's what I wish for you this year!

Our friends,the Afaghs,run the Persian Bakery and it was their grand daughter's wedding.Every Xmas they arrive with delicious rum soaked Christmas Cake,which my relatives hope I will share with them.This time,Mr and Mrs Finely Chopped had it.It was the best ever....I think Grandpa was really happy about the wedding so more love went into it and with that...rum :)

The wedding was held with both Parsi and Persian customs,at the Dadabhoy Agiary near Afghan Church,Colaba.The place was lit up with hundreds of lights ...and hundreds of diamonds on chiffon clad Parsi women :D

The music was Bollywood contemporary and had everyone wanting to shake a leg.The crowd had as many Parsis as non-Parsis

The caterer? The best....Godiwala!! Starters were served while people chatted and then it was time for the sit down meal.On one side were tables with silver thalis and I was quickly warned that the section was vegetarian.Grabbed my wits and moved over to the other side.

Then came waiters in an army and set out banana leaves on the tables to act as plates for us carnivores....probably the only veg thing there.

I got my Raspberry Soda...hahnjee!!

and Lagan Nu Achar....yum!!

and then came the man with the veg stuff,just in case some of us felt like going green.Don't tell my friends but I did and I loved it!
 Before I could have anymore,the nonveg trail began...Curried Chicken which was so tender,Raan,Saas Ni Maachhi and Prawns.Tried them all and then Pulao and Dal made its appearance.Not wanting to upset them,I tasted but really couldn't have more than a bite

So while Paan and Kulfi were being served,I headed to the dance area where some of the groom's gorgeous Persian relatives sportingly bellydanced in their shararas,enthralling everyone.Some kids danced to the latest chartbusters including a tiny tot who melted everyone's hearts

Then there was Cake Cutting by the lovely newly wed couple.Here's wishing them a lifetime for happiness and much love and luck to you too!!! Happy 2014!!

Here's a link to Finely Chopped's interesting account on Parsi Wedding here


Kshitij Shah said…
That is a serious amount of delicious food
aditi said…
Great Post! can you share where you get the rum soaked cake from?
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks's from Persian Bakery at Parel but they make it for family and friends at Xmastime
aditi said…
Thanks for sharing!

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