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Exploring Korean Cuisine in Mumbai

My experience with Korean culture like most Mumbaikars has been limited.Years ago,when I went off on a Trafalgar Tours trip to Europe,I met Koreans for the first time...two cute,petite teenagers who were out to see the world and didn't let their limited knowledge of the English language stop them.There were funny moments 'cause of that as they'd not get the instructions right and would head in the wrong direction (wrong boat,wrong coach) and the whole group would yell out to them,in good humor.I remember distinctly asking them about their food and was quite surprised to hear that they ate rice at every meal including breakfast.
I was therefore quite thrilled when my cousin took me to her friend Sun Won Hwang's home in South Mumbai for a traditional Korean meal.Sun Won supplies dabbas to Koreans in the city and hosts meals at home.The spread was huge,to say the least.Sun Won knows some English and some Hindi.It wasn't hard though to communicate as food brings down …