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The Making Of A Salad

We are now eating a salad with every meal.Must tell you about the initiative of the US Govt called Choose My Plate which suggests that half the plate should be full of vegetables and fruits.A simple measure that can help cut down calories.

We combine a variety of fruits and vegetables such as green beans,bell peppers,onions,tomatoes,kiwi,orange segments and pomegranate.The base is mostly Olive oil and Balsamic a 3:1 proportion.The balsamic vinegar we use is made from grapes from Modena but is not the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale,which is a gourmet product aged for at least 12 years :)
Not all olive oils taste the same.It depends on the quality of the green olives used.
Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the ones that are to be used in salads (not for cooking at high temperatures and should not be refrigerated either)
Many a times we read restaurant menus that say "raspberry vinaigrette" or "lime vinaigratte" which is just a combination of oil and vinegar …