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Spice Of Kolhapur by Roopa Nabar

On Sunday Roopa Nabar had her first popup.While she is a Home Chef,she had the event in a restaurant (Hoppipola at Khar) and she catered to a large number of people than she would have at home.Maharashtrian food too found a new platform.
My exposure to Kolhapuri food was first at Purepur Kolhapur at Prabhadevi.The spice level was way better than I had expected! Then again Aditya Mehendale,the author of Rare Gems,demonstrated Kolhapuri cuisine cooking at A Perfect Bite Cook Studio at the Maharashtrian Food Event at the Culinary Legacy series organized by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal.His book has a chapter on the intricacies of Kolhapuri food.Then Smita Hegde Deo wrote a beautiful book "Karwar to Kolhapur to Mumbai" and had some astounding dishes at her popup at the same studio.

So when Roopa Nabar said she is having a Kolhapuri food pop-up,I was more than happy to try it again.Yes,there really is so much variety to Maharashtrian cuisine.A lot has to do with the climatic conditi…