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Mumbai Koli Seafood Festivals

It was Rahul and Swati who took me to my first Koli Festival...The VERSOVA KOLI SEAFOOD FESTIVAL.Kolis are the congenial,peaceloving fisherfolk of our city.Every year they hold festivals to display their best fish dishes to Mumbaikars.They dress up in their finest clothes and don their wedding jewelry.They dance on stage to music that they play and leave the thousands that come there enthralled!

I just could not believe my eyes when I saw so many delicacies! Lobster Curry...

Crab Curry

Egg Rolls stuffed with Shrimps/Prawns

They wore jewellery that was traditional and weighed nearly 30 to 40 tolas!

The food was cooked then and there...

Served with a big smile!

V ersova Seafood festival had the biggest lobsters.

Rahul who introduced me to the fest attends it every year with his wife Swati.

There were fish nets above which formed tents underneath which we ate on tables laid out in front of the stalls.

The Kolis are the original inhabitants of the city of Mumbai.They are simple and hardw…