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Alibaug Summer

Alibaug is so close to Mumbai.Just an hour away via ferry to Mandwa Jetty.For those that prefer driving it takes about three hours.Being summer,we spotted lots of mango trees with tiny raw mangoes.Watermelon stalls too piqued our interest.We prefer the unstriped sugar babies.All along the way,whenever we spotted a village,there were women selling fish on wooden boards.

The Mandwa Jetty was buzzing with people,being a long weekend.It drizzled,adding to the charm! We grabbed coconuts to sip on while watching the crash of the waves on the rocks.

Lunch that day was simple yet delicious chicken curry and pomfret fry prepared by cooks of Agri origin.Next day we spotted a fisherman on the beach carrying his haul of freshly caught live lobsters.We bought them and my cousin cooked half of them in a pan but akin to Lobster Thermidor while the cook made a traditional curry....Shevandiche Kalvan.Difficult to say which one was better

There were some women on the beach digging for oysters (Kalwa) …

A Perfect Party For Women's Day

Went to the Perfect ParTea,a brainchild of Rushina Ghildiyal-Munshaw,a celebration of Women's Day,it being in its sixth year of existence.The venue was Craft Deli at the Phoenix Market City,Kurla and the place was packed to the gills.A Perfect Bite Cook Studio showed a video of their Culinary Legacy Series,an ongoing programme that has covered  traditional Irani,Kashmiri,Gujarati,Coorgi,Assamese,Bengali,Uttaranchali and Maharashtrian food uptil now.At each event,there is a talk,a demonstration of few dishes and then a meal at the end.What a lovely way to encourage harmony and share cultures between people.Kudos to Rushina for that!

What thoughtful mementoes Rushina designed for the participants of the Culinary Legacy Series!  Chef Ranveer Brar,who had launched the series last year, gave them away.

Then there was a cover release of Saee Koranne-Khandekar's book on Indian Breads where she read out paragraphs from her book.Saee has taught bread making at the APB Cook Studio and …

Pathare Prabhu Thali On Sunday

When Soumitra Velkar invited us for lunch,both Bonny (of Hungry Cat Kitchen) and me got super excited.It was a year back that we had gone over to his place and enjoyed a Pathare Prabhu meal (first time for Bonny).This time the menu was different.

Gram flour doesn't agree with me so I was thrilled to have Pangojis which were zesty prawn fritters made with wheat flour.Oh so delicious!! The basis of fried snacks in Pathare Prabhu cuisine was the fact that the members of the community worked very hard,left early for work after a brunch and came back famished.These savories served as a source of calories

The main course included Beetroot Sambhare which is basically a gravy made with coconut milk.Having tried the Pineapple Sambhare at Bimba Nayak's and Rahul Velkar's place,I knew this would be great too.It tasted as good as it looked!! Here's a link on how to make  Pineapple Sambhare.Soumitra explained that a Pathare Prabhu meal is typically complete when accompanied by a c…