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A Berry Affair

Berries are my favorite fruit...I used to love looking at boxes and boxes of summer berries in American supermarkets on my vacations.Now we pretty much get most of them here....strawberries,mulberries,blueberries,gooseberries and raspberries.Other ones available abroad include Chinese Wolfberry(which I have tried in a Chinese dish),Acai Berry (tried as a drink) from the Amazon Forests,Cloudberries available in North Scandanivia which are eaten by Eskimos and Boysenberries which are available in California and resemble raspberries

Berries are a good source of vitamin C and fibre.They are power packed packages of antioxidants Recently a study from England published in Circulation journal showed that risk of heart attacks in women was cut by one third by having berries thrice a week.

My grandparents' house used to have a mulberry tree and we would pick them from the balcony.We were really sad when termites destroyed the tree.Fortunately these are available in the market these days


The Great British Invite

Went to Palladium at High Street Phoenix and saw the Great British Invite,a venture to promote UK to people in Mumbai.I studied in a school set up by British missionaries in Mumbai.

The stall had a table set elegantly for Tea ...I had no idea that Afternoon or Low Tea (where light snacks and tea are served on low set tables) was different from High Tea which had fish,meat and baked dishes.There are several places in London that serve high tea.In Mumbai,in most places,Low Tea is served as High Tea

The event had a lucky draw the prizes of which free tickets to UK.Tara Brown and Alan Kingshott were there,both of whom work for the Laugharne Castle and Tower of London respectively.

Saw Kate Middleton's stunning black lace dress designed by Alice Temperley

There were British clothes and accessories to try on which we did and it was fun!

I did miss the food display they had a few days ago as I was working at the time.

I have visited England some years ago and what's striking are the…

Day 2 at Mahalaxmi Saras Exhibition,Bandra

Went back again to the Mahalaxmi Saras 2013 exhibition at Bandra Reclamation.This time with friends Sue and Nathan...two global travelers who like to try everything.They had me in splits with their travel stories.I first met them at Kalyan and Kainaz's place where we met Simon and Sybil Majumdar.They too have the same philosophy.Sue and Nathan write a blog called Yearaway

The show is not just about food but also about various handicrafts.After a longtime I spotted the "soup" which is used to separate grain from the chaff...a process called threshing,as Sue enlightened me

There are stalls from various states so no wonder that I spotted a Maharashtrian tribal woman posing with a Bengali mashi

Bought some lovely Goda masala...a typical Maharashtrian masala used in sprout dishes and curries

Then came across Organic Turmeric grown and pound by various families and sold under one common name.There was a distinct aroma of haldi as compared to the one we buy in cities.The man a…