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Lavasa...Our Lovely Weekend Getaway

This time we went to Lavasa for a weekend getaway.We took the Pune Expressway and went via Chandni Chowk,which took us an hour and a half from there.Lavasa is based on New Urbanism,meaning everything required is within walking distance and Biomimicry,meaning science that learns from nature.It's no wonder then that Dutch artist Escher designed a logo that shows a man becoming airborne,leaping over a lake and taking flight as a free bird.

Lavasa is located by Warasgaon Lake and as we drove down,past the many waterfalls,we felt the cool mountain air caressing our cheeks.Each turn was a lush green encounter and we could only sigh as we took it all in.

The drive from Pune to Lavasa was dotted with stalls selling freshly roasted corn.Rice fields,sugarcane plantations and mango trees soothed our eyes.In fact we saw a temple in the midst of a sugarcane field.Village houses had toilets built outside as a separate block which were covered with foliage.

There were wild purple flowers growin…