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Dadar Maharashtrian Food Walk

When friend and food blogger Kalyan Karmakar thought about the idea of having an evening Dadar Maharashtrian food walk,I was thrilled! Dadar,Girgaum and Lalbaug are considered some of the Maharashtrian strongholds.I was born in Dadar,lived and schooled in SoBo and then have been at Dadar,ever since.  Everyday I learn something new about my culture( I am half Maharashtrian-half Bengali) Kalyan's walks are fun because you meet all kinds of interesting people who have their own stories to tell, so no two walks are ever the same.It's like being out with likeminded friends and you never feel you are meeting them for the first time.We had Fiona with us who is an Australian author who travels widely and writes the Love Travel guides,Lindsey who is a British ex-pat blogger and Jeannie who is a nutritionist! Julia ,a British expat who is all smiles and very adventurous,is an amazing blogger.Paul is a banker,Jeff is a researcher (and isn't afraid of spices ) and Mick is a batata va…

Rediscovering Matunga...a Food and Mythology Walk

In the city of Mumbai,walks serve as a great way to stay outdoors.Saw an announcement for a Matunga walk and jumped at the idea.Having been there several times,I thought it would be fascinating to learn about its history and culture.Turns out one more person thought that way and that's how Neville too joined the Travel-Logs walk.We both agreed that this is a great way to learn history and wished we had been taught this way in schools.Nitika Khanna who has done her graduation in History and conducted walks in Delhi.She became our teacher for the day along with Dhiresh Sharma,an MBA from IIM now pursuing his

We started at 4pm at the first Udipi restaurant in Mumbai...Mysore Cafe that was opened by A Rama Nayak in 1934.Several such restaurants came up in the area so as to provide nutritious,balanced and cheap meals for people from the South that had migrated there.Reminded me of the Khanawals made for millworkers in the Lalbaug-Byculla area

We had filter coffee or k…