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My Diwali:East Meets West

This time Diwali in Mumbai is full of colour and lights and yes,noise and a joyous spirit.As always, lots of Diwali snacks or "faraal" are made at home and now also bought from stores (such as Godbole's) by pre-ordering.With most of the younger generation being abroad,there's a long line of elderly parents at these shops to send these goodies to their children.With the foodstuff, their children also receive "utna" which is used for the early morning bath on Diwali day.Most of the snacks used to be fried but with the health conscious generation,some of it is now it the diamond shaped Shankarpala or the circular Chakli.
After all the indulgences,we decided to have a light European meal at The Tasting Room at Lower Parel.We started with the Watermelon and Feta Salad which had rectangular slices of juicy watermelon with soft Feta drizzled on top and served with distinctive rocket leaves.It was a great start and was ordered by many people there.What su…