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Chiplun Again

Get really excited about travelling to the Konkan.It's just a long single road that passes through villages and towns,lush green rice fields and peaceful rivers... and some mountains with breathtaking view.Went to Chiplun which is in the Ratnagiri district.One passes through the Raigad district which is named after the main fort of Shivaji.Today it is well known for its ropeways.Near the Raigad fort,is the Suvarna Ganesh Temple at Diveagar.The gorgeous solid gold Ganesh bust was found in a field by a farmer ploughing the land.It was then placed in a temple till recently, when dacoits stole this magnificent masterpiece.

Chiplun is on the banks of the Vashishti river.It has a whole lot of schools and is an industrial town.Close to Chiplun, lies the town of Dervan.Here is the temple which has "Maulas or soldiers of Shivaji guarding it.The temple here is known as Shri Samarth Gad and has a hall with stories about Shivaji's life on the walls.To enter the main temple,women mus…