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Parsi Potluck at Pia's...Carrying Forward Culinary Traditions

Our group met again,this time for Parsi cuisine.In April,I had attended a Parsi food walk, organized by SodaWaterBottleOpenerWalla,a  hip restaurant that specializes in the same cuisine,along with food blogger Kalyan Karmakar.The decor of the restaurant brings a smile to all those that enter.A blackboard with instructions typical of the Irani restaurants that occupied building corners of old Mumbai and the Parsi family tree invariably connected to the Queen :D Our walk was great fun.From SBOW,we headed to a Parsi bakery and then Kyani restaurant Parsis and Iranis both came to India from Iran but Parsis came during the 8th  to 10th Century A.D in order to preserve their religion Zoroastrianism as Iran was invaded by Muslim rulers.(Iranis came during the period between 19th and 20th century).They landed up in Gujarat and convinced the king of a principality Jadav Rana that they would mix into the people like sugar does in a glass of milk but impart sweetness to it.That they have done i…