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The Malcolm Baug Parsi Pop-Up

Had a fascinating time at Malcolm Baug,Jogeshwari,thanks to the invitation of my friend Perzen Darukhanawala Patel (also known as Bawi Bride) at the lovely Jer Villa.Baugs are colonies set up by Parsis,mainly the N.M. Wadia Trust and this one is so named as it was bought from an Englishman named Malcolm.This was earlier a hunting ground.We were privy to these lovely stories, thanks to the presence of our friends and archaeologists Kurush and Rhea Mitra Dalal.Malcolm Baug has been developed like a hill station and has quaint bungalows with lovely gardens.
Baugs were set up for needy Parsis by Bai Jerbai Wadia and her sons.Others include Cusrow Baug,Navroz Baug,Rustom Baug,Jer Baug and Ness Baug which are gated communities that have buildings and gardens.A nominal rent is collected but the upkeep is undertaken by the trust.

Arrived there with my lovely food blogger friend Romi,her humorous hubbie Gaurav (actor,anchor and of the radio station Fever) and India Food Network editor Kalyan …

Discovering Pathare Prabhu Traditions

The Pathare Prabhu community celebrates the Adhik Maas or the extra month in the leap year with a Haldi Kunku Programme.This year being the centenary year of the PP Mahila Samaj,they had a special function in their community hall in Khar,Mumbai.This Marathi speaking community was known to own large parts of land in Girgaon.They gave a lot of importance to education and consequently were known for their knowledge,reforms and Western thought.Amongst the most famous from this community was Raobahadur Narayan Dinanath Velkar who had an important role in the institution of the Central Library at the Town Hall,Mumbai.Mukandrao Jaykar started the Aryan Education Society and set up Sharda Sadan,a school for girls in Girgaon.Today the community gives interest free loans to children in their community so that they may complete their education.In December,the Pathare Prabhu Charities function provides vegetarian and nonvegetarian food to the entire community

Today (21st June 2015) the women fro…