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Saraswats versus Pathare Prabhus Home Chef Potluck

Our Potluck group of Home Chefs has been meeting for a while.We believe in three things:
1.We have no rules 2.There is no such thing as too many friends 3.Food is everything :)
Earlier we just got our favorite dishes to the meet up but this time we had a theme....Saraswats versus Pathare Prabhus.In the former team were Smita Hegde Deo and Roopa Nabar and in the latter,Bimba Nayak and Soumitra Velkar.Smita has written a beautiful book "Karwar to Kolhapur to Mumbai" talking about her journey from childhood to married life,with brilliant photographs and perfect measurement recipes.Roopa is well known for her You Tube videos on Coastal Cuisine (the Coastal Diva) via India Food Network and Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen.She has designed menus for cancer patients.
Bimba Nayak was well known as Master Cutter as she designed baby clothes but then turned to food and made a mark in sugar craft (she makes edible art) and professional cooking courses including Pathare Prabhu cuisine.Soum…