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An Afternoon With The Foodie at the Food Book Club

In today's day and age of the internet,it comes as a welcome change to have a Food Book Club.While I writing on a blog,my love for books remains the same.The joy of holding them in your hands,flipping the pages,marking on them at times is something else.The A Perfect Bite Food Book Club is Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal's idea.She comes up with great ones.Whether it be the Food Memory Project,Culinary Legacy Series or her Foodles.Her studio is far away from where I live else I would be there more often.I received four books in the hamper on joining the club...The Sood Family Cookbook (by Aparna Jain),Vicky Goes Veg (by Vicky Ratnani),A Pinch Of This,A Handful Of That (by Rushina) and India On My Platter (by Saransh Goila) as well as vouchers to two events.

Last year Kunal Vijayakar launched his first book...."Made In India" which is a collection of recipes from his travel all over the country for the hugely popular TV show "The Foodie".He has also included rec…