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Pathare Prabhu Food Festival 2012

There are very few community festivals...the Koli festival being very prominent and  the Pathare Prabhu festival which was held on 3rd and 4th November 2012 at the Pathare Prabhu hall at Khar.Pathare Prabhus were one of the earlier settlers of Mumbai and owned properties in Girgaum,Fort,Malad,Uran and Bhayander.Even today, majority of Khar is owned by them.They started the Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai and Bhaucha Dakka Jetty.

Actually it's quite interesting to observe that some facial characteristics are typical to each community and one can guess this on seeing a person.

I was invited by Bimba Nayak from whom I learnt Malvani cooking.She also teaches cuisine of Pathare Prabhus.She made a Kojagiri special thali on the last day which had Dudh Pohe and nonveg items. On Sunday morning the Beetroot Sambhari stood out...a lavender colored veg gravy!

The menu at the exhibition was different on Saturday evening,Sunday morning and night.On the first day,there was a display of food that t…