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The Aroma Of Food

The other day my cousin invited me for a meal in the suburbs and gave me the pleasure of choosing the menu for the dinner(something I love :)). I decided on the Chicken and Black Mushroom Soup as I always like to try something unusual on the menu.I knew right away that it was a good choice cos of the smoky aroma that enveloped us before it was placed in front of us.The clear soup was heavenly to say the least...with slices of mushroom,chicken and spinach dancing beneath the hazy hot fumes of steam.

The Pot Rice I ordered here was also aromatic, thanks to its content of star anise and fresh vegetables with which it was cooked in a closed clay pot.Hmmmnnn!

These days,I notice that the food in restaurants is very well plated but lacks aroma! While it is true that hot food has more of an aroma than cold,cold food can also smell great!In restaurants, so many times I have had to bury my nose close to the hot dish to get any essence of what am eating.

Another Chinese restaurant in town also e…