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Jaldi Fit....Namita's Fitness Mantra

It's the beginning of the year and I made my food resolutions so it's only right that I add to it my exercise resolutions.The only way to make sure I stick to it, is to make sure it's simple,short and enjoyable.Exercise makes me feel great.When I was in America I used to walk daily for a hour. In Mumbai I used to go to the gym regularly but after it shut down,I didn't go find another one.
Recently we had our school reunion.Met friends who had gone on different paths but saw how everyone enjoys good food.Some exercise regularly but most of us have put on weight,me included.It was wonderful finding out that one of us now runs a fitness centre and has published books on fitness.On her website she shares healthy recipes such as broccoli soup,carrot-apple juice and apple smoothie.


My school friend Namita Jain is now a Wellness Expert & Clinical fitness Specialist with numerous certifications and qualifications to her credit. She's been awarded the designation of &qu…

My Food Resolutions for 2011

A Healthy and Happy New Year to all of you!! As it's the first day of the year,I'd like to reflect on how to make this year even better.With every year,we have had change.People have moved to different places,different jobs and have been exposed to different cultures and food habits.There is a lot of variety to things and choices to be made.At times we eat a lot more and that too unhealthy stuff as it takes less time to make it.
The balance has tipped more towards work than home and staying indoors.Yeah,we've progressed in the corporate sector,made giant strides! But for this, many people are burning the midnight oil like never before.They have no time for food,exercise and their own health.Let's reflect on this before it's too late.A healthy body also means better work efficiency!
As other things in life,our food constituents carbohydrates,proteins and fats should be in harmony.The ideal example is the Indian Thali with salad,vegetables,dal,rice and chappatis. The …