My Food Resolutions for 2011

A Healthy and Happy New Year to all of you!! As it's the first day of the year,I'd like to reflect on how to make this year even better.With every year,we have had change.People have moved to different places,different jobs and have been exposed to different cultures and food habits.There is a lot of variety to things and choices to be made.At times we eat a lot more and that too unhealthy stuff as it takes less time to make it.

The balance has tipped more towards work than home and staying indoors.Yeah,we've progressed in the corporate sector,made giant strides! But for this, many people are burning the midnight oil like never before.They have no time for food,exercise and their own health.Let's reflect on this before it's too late.A healthy body also means better work efficiency!

As other things in life,our food constituents carbohydrates,proteins and fats should be in harmony.The ideal example is the Indian Thali with salad,vegetables,dal,rice and chappatis.
The Indian diet has different issues than the Western diet.Our oil consumption is far higher than required whereas in the West,the issues are about consumption of meat,processed and packaged foods.While we talk a lot about saturated fats,do Indians really have so much of meat,ghee or milk? Yet we have a very high incidence of heart disease,stroke,diabetes and others.
We need to restrict our oil intake to less than half litre per person per month using oils such as canola,olive oil,rice bran oil and groundnut oil.Instead of frying we can make curries,steam,broil,grill or bake.

What needs to be supplemented in the usual Indian diet is the long chain omega 3 fat.This is present in fish,fish oil capsules,algae supplements and the short chain is present in flaxseeds,almonds,walnuts,urad dal,methi,mustard seeds and rajmah.
What should absolutely be avoided are sources of trans fats...vanaspati or margarine present in fried foods and some bakery items.

It's not enough to have a's important for each item to be made with less oil.There is a phobia about carbs these days.Yeah,we should be careful about refined carbs such as those in maida and sugary drinks but the complex carbs present in whole grains and cereals do us a whole lot of good,by improving satiety,bowel movements,help control lipids and sugars.

The cells of our body are subjected to pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants.Pro- oxidants are the harmful substances such as products from fried food.Anti oxidants are the protectors present in fruits,spices and condiments.Yes,spices in Indian food are a rich source of anti oxidants!

Vitamin C is an antioxidant...present in citrus fruits such as lime,lemon and oranges.

Three servings of Vegetables and two servings of fruits a day are great for our health.Milk or curds daily as a source of protein,vitamin B12 and calcium.

Summarizing my food resolutions for 2011:
1.Have more whole grains and cereals.
2.Have 3 servings of fruits and 2 servings of fruits in a day
3.Have fish as often as possible.
4.Have milk or yoghurt/curds daily
5.Limiting fried,refined,processed and processed food.
6.Choosing leaner cuts of meat,at the times I have it.

I know I may not be able to follow this 100% but even if I do most of the time,it will be good for me!
PS.Credits for the first and last photos go to the Knife


Curry Spice said…
I'm gonna make your list part of my resolutions as well. Its really nice to understand food like this.
See you in the new year. WE must hang!
Sassy Fork said…
That's great! Yes,I too look forward to hanging out with you this year
Madhvi said…
A very Happy & Healthy 2011 to you too! Nice post :)

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