Jaldi Fit....Namita's Fitness Mantra

It's the beginning of the year and I made my food resolutions so it's only right that I add to it my exercise resolutions.The only way to make sure I stick to it, is to make sure it's simple,short and enjoyable.Exercise makes me feel great.When I was in America I used to walk daily for a hour.
In Mumbai I used to go to the gym regularly but after it shut down,I didn't go find another one.

Recently we had our school reunion.Met friends who had gone on different paths but saw how everyone enjoys good food.Some exercise regularly but most of us have put on weight,me included.It was wonderful finding out that one of us now runs a fitness centre and has published books on fitness.On her website she shares healthy recipes such as broccoli soup,carrot-apple juice and apple smoothie.


My school friend Namita Jain is now a Wellness Expert & Clinical fitness Specialist with numerous certifications and qualifications to her credit. She's been awarded the designation of "Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant" by the American Council on Exercise,"Health & Fitness Instructor" by The American College of Sports Medicine and a "U.K. Pilates Master trainer". Namita also runs Fitness Classes in Mumbai. She is currently associated with the Bombay Hospital as their fitness specialist and is onboard contributing writer on Wellness for GQ, Hindu, Maharashtra Times, Vijay Karnataka as well as other publications nationally.

I asked her a couple of questions and here's what she said:

1.What was yr life changing moment that made you to turn to fitness?

I used to be a competitive swimmer in school. I enjoyed playing sports – squash and badminton. I was eager to learn more about the subject of fitness, so I enrolled in several internationally credible certification courses.

I was involved in my family business, and writing columns and teaching group fitness classes was something I did as a hobby, part-time. When I realized that it was difficult to allocate enough time to both, my family business and be a fitness professional – I realized I needed to make a choice. And now here I am – a full time wellness expert.

2.When did you publish the book and what inspired it?

I am in the process of developing wellness products under my brand “Jaldi Fit”. I have launched a fitness dvd, and 2 fitness books (Jaldi Fit, your complete fitness plan in 2009; and Jaldi Fit kids in 2010), published by Times books. I am in the process of developing more such books and fitness products to reach people across the globe.

Jaldi Fit, your complete fitness plan

This book comprises of a structured 20-minutes fitness plan for the entire week, with Sunday factored in as the day of rest. The daily exercise routine covers all areas of physical fitness and works the different parts of the body.

The workouts fit neatly into a daily schedule, with exercise time allocated as per your requirements. The entire workout can be done at home, along with a “follow me” demo DVD, which is included with the book itself .

Once a regular Jaldi Fit workout routine is set up, it becomes easy to maintain. Much like having a personal trainer at home, the workout systematically targets the upper body, lower body, and abdomen.

The Jaldi Fit, Complete Fitness Plan is suitable for people of all ages. It is easy and fun to do, and can be adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels. The idea is to encourage and enthuse all those who are looking fitness solutions that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Jaldi Fit kids

This book comprises of 10 mantras on food and fitness – 5 on food and 5 on fitness - each cover the most important aspects of bringing up a healthy child. Practical, easy-to-follow solutions help parents understand how best to look after their child, ensuring a healthy diet, adequate play time, a sound night’s sleep and a good balance between their academics and extra curricular activities.

The first half of the book covers the need for a balanced diet to ensure healthy, all-round growth. Essential nutrients, the importance of a good breakfast, meals on-the-go, and school tiffin ideas are some of the highlights. Tips on how to tackle fussy eaters, where to draw the line on fast food, or what to do when kids need to shed excess weight, are some of the typical problems addressed.

The fitness section, comprising the second half of the book, deals with combating sedentary habits and circumventing urban lifestyle constraints. 5-minute indoor exercise routines, sport as a form of physical fitness, and initiation into yoga techniques, especially designed for little children, are some of the topics covered.

Other areas that relate to fitness and an active lifestyle are also touched upon. First-aid solutions and treatments for common minor ailments such as bruises, sore throats, allergies, including the modern-day malady “computeritis”, are recommended.

3.How early should one start...at what age, do you recommend that people follow your program?

My book – Jaldi Fit Kids, encourages children to start exercising right from the age of 4 years. Ofcourse, at that age exercise is more like ‘playtime’ it should be enjoyable.

4.How long does the workout take?

In general, exercise does not have to be time-consuming to be effective. Plan your workout routine so that you exercise smart. Duration of 30-minutes of planned exercise everyday day can keep you fit and healthy. You could do a strength training workout on alternate days and on the other days you could walk outdoors or on the treadmill.

5.if one has a heavy meal one day, should one work out more the next?

I don’t recommend that… because it is like punishing an already taxed body. The body is not a machine, workouts should be systematically progressed.

I suggest if you deviate at breakfast or lunch, make your next meal can be - a light one (for instance - consume only soup and steamed veggies or salad or fruits). And, if you deviate at dinner, compensate next day at dinner.

6.Are you for high carbs or high proteins in diet while on the programme?

I recommend a balanced diet - what you need, in the right proportions, is cereals, protein-rich foods, fruits and veggies, and, in small quantities, fats and sugar.You only understand how vital a balanced diet is, when some nutritional components are missing, or in short supply. The truth is, it starts showing! You end up with baggy eyes, split nails, poor skin, falling hair etc.

7.Where can people buy your book?

Most popular book stores such as Crossword, Oxford, Landmark, even some book stores at the airports stock these books.

Thanks Namita...very inspiring! 20 minutes certainly sounds do-able and can make a big difference!


Anonymous said…
Thank you once again sassy fork - u did it again. Congrats to Namita and she looks sooo good. I know I desperately Namita's magic wand to work on my excess kilos. Soon!
Uread said…
Namita knows it best to make us all fit. And the truth to this statement comes with her next book on fitness which asks nonly for a month i.e.4 weeks to get in shape. Namita jain has deviced a diet where by using daily ingredients one can make a perfect diet food to help you loose extra kilos and transform into a fitter and finer you.
uRead is coming up with The four weeks countdown soon!

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