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MANGO FESTIVAL:Mumbai's Amba Mahotsav 2011

So it's finally Mango time and I went to the Amba Mahotsav at the Antonio D'Silva School in Dadar West,very close to the Kabutar Khana.Was glad to see there was ample parking place.The stalls were right at the back of the ground.It wasn't a very large exhibition but yet there were enough to make a choice.These stalls are manned by people from the Konkan selling mangoes from Devgad and Ratnagiri.

The Haapus is King and Pairi is also pretty good(used to make Aamras).Did you know that Haapus was named after a man called Alphonso who brought mangoes to Goa? I also remember reading an Amar Chitra Katha about a king who enjoyed mangoes. Haapus comes from Devgad,Ratnagiri ,Vengurla and Kudal.My friend Arati Mali who lives in Singapore talks of a variety she gets from Australia which tastes just like Haapus but is pale in color.
There are many mangoes on display at the exhibition ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1200 per dozen.

There were also stalls selling mago products such as Mango Sherb…

April Fruits at the Dadar Market

Come summer and you see many handcarts selling jackfruit and tadgola at the Dadar market.The size of jackfruits can be astounding.The largest is said to be 70 kg. Here you see them sliced open and turned out,exposing the yellow fruit.
This one was from Kerala.A helpful gentleman buying some told me that those from the Konkan come around the rainy season.He also told me how one has to apply coconut oil on one's palms while cutting else one gets the sticky gum on one's hands.I tried the jackfruit and it was sweet and moist.The seller told me not to store it in a plastic bag as then it leads to gas formation.I put it in an open plate and my fridge was filled with its sweet aroma.
I was reminded of my adventures with a smaller but similar looking fruit called "Durian".This I had in USA at a Chinese restaurant where I ordered a Boba Drink(having balls of tapioca) with Durian.I tell you,there cannot be a stinkier fruit! Not having it again! Yet it is quite popular in the …