MANGO FESTIVAL:Mumbai's Amba Mahotsav 2011

So it's finally Mango time and I went to the Amba Mahotsav at the Antonio D'Silva School in Dadar West,very close to the Kabutar Khana.Was glad to see there was ample parking place.The stalls were right at the back of the ground.It wasn't a very large exhibition but yet there were enough to make a choice.These stalls are manned by people from the Konkan selling mangoes from Devgad and Ratnagiri.

The Haapus is King and Pairi is also pretty good(used to make Aamras).Did you know that Haapus was named after a man called Alphonso who brought mangoes to Goa? I also remember reading an Amar Chitra Katha about a king who enjoyed mangoes.
Haapus comes from Devgad,Ratnagiri ,Vengurla and Kudal.My friend Arati Mali who lives in Singapore talks of a variety she gets from Australia which tastes just like Haapus but is pale in color.

There are many mangoes on display at the exhibition ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1200 per dozen.

There were also stalls selling mago products such as Mango Sherbet and Phonda Ghat Gavti Honey( village honey).The darker the color of the honey,the better it is!

Then there were stalls selling Amba Podi and Fanas Podi,made by drying sheets of mango and jackfruits in the sun.

Spotted a gem of a stall selling Kokum butter
Tirphal(a Malvani ingredient used in fish curries)
Kokum,a souring agent
and Poha and raw rice used to make gruels for the convalescing.

There were mango jams and mango syrups

Made me happy to see them all.

Everyone loves Aamras,Mango Milkshakes and Mango Lassi...great tonic of vitamin A and C for this weather!
One can cut them into quarters or dice them and have them with a fork.Years ago,I learnt there's a messier way to enjoy remove the peel completely and bite into it...have you tried it? :) The peel can cause allergies in some people so best to do away with it.

During the summer,you see a host of mango based dishes like Aam Bhindi (above) from Oh Calcutta or Mango Prawns in Konkani restaurants.Amba Dal from Aaswad is as delicious as it's colourful! Panha or a drink from green mangoes is available all over Dadar.Mango Icecream is such a delight...else Vanilla Icecream with cut mangoes!

My mother makes an amazing tangy green mango chutney with mustard seeds....

This year one doesn't see as many mangoes thanks to the weather changes.The winter was longer than expected and this has caused a decline in the produce.All the same,let"s enjoy the fruits we have....maybe not as many.... but quality is better than quantity!

So what will you have this season? Haapus or Pairi?


I love how you keep going for these exhibitions and come back and blog about them. :) Do you know when this one is on till? I hope I can visit it.

To answer your question - I'll have hapus without a doubt.
Sassy Fork said…
It's on for atleast a week!
Both! Hapus just cut up or in desserts, pairi in aamras--chilled, with a hot puri to dunk in it!
Amropali said…
As you can see from my name,I have an unavoidable connection with Mangoes.
Also, my friends call me mango(it's easier than amropali)

I couldn't help but read it.

Thanx for sharing.
Sassy Fork said…
Amropali...what a lovely name...sounds like an Apsara but Mango's great too! :)
Aakanksha Singh said…
A delectable post! Loved it!
Anil P said…
So good to see the post. And yes, it's that time of the year.

Reminded me of the Amba Mahotsav from last year I went to. Still have loads of pictures I'm still to put up, need to get around to doing it.

All those stalls, hope to catch them this year too. I believe the Mahotsav rotates from suburb to suburb.

The Bhawani brand of Aam Panna was from if I remember correctly, Sindhudurg, was the best among the pannas.

Looks like the prices are going to remain "up" this year.
Sassy Fork said…
@Anil: wish I had seen your post about the Bhavani brand yesterday.I bought some which wasn't so great.The prices are now lower now than the day the exhibition started.Today they hope to get the best stock,it being Sunday.You are right..they move to Irla tomorrow till 1st May and then to Thane after that
Aban said…
Love your blog especially the mangoes section YUM!!!

Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Aban...where are you based?
Aban said…
Australia. And you?

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