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Happiness Ki Recipe

When I saw the announcement for the Happy Food Cookshop,I knew I had to attend it.Even though it was vegetarian :D  There is something very powerful about positivity!This  workshop was to be conducted by Amrita Kaur Ramsinghani who teaches unconventional  exciting cooking.She personifies happiness! She is from Indore,has been a journalist,then worked on radio and now is into cooking.Marriage to her DJ husband brought her to Mumbai.She has learnt cooking from family,friends and Google :) Amrita named her blog Life Ki Recipe.She is now on Lady Kha-Kha :) You can see her video here

The class started with Green Beans with Shitake Mushrooms,Garlic and Toasted Almonds,the aroma of which sent us all in a tizzy! That was my favorite dish of the day! Shitake Mushrooms,by the way, are a good source of vitamin D

The above three stunning pictures are by Tanvi Mehra,a yoga teacher, dancer and an avid Instagrammer who is all into healthy food.In fact all the people who had come to the …

A Rustic Assamese Meal

Today I had one of my most memorable meals.When I go to a restaurant,I usually pick the most unusual item on the menu.The lunch today was rustic Assamese made by Gitika Saikia who has lived in Mumbai for 16 years.Except for the Brinjal Pokora(Assamese fritters) which were like Bengali Bejun Bhaja,the rest I had never seen before.My kind of happiness :)  .
I was expecting it to be like Bengali food but it wasn't.Assamese food too varies with the season.
Mumbai has no Assamese restaurant but Bengaluru does.
I first read about Assamese food in Charmaine O'Brien's Penguin Food Guide to India which explains cuisine of every state

The pop-up organized by the Small Fry Company's division called "The Secret Ingredient"was at a store at Khar.It is run by Insia Lacewala and Paresh Chabbria.They want people to experience secret ingredients of various regional cuisines that can only be found in home meals
We were seated around a low table around cushions."Like Snow…

Our Onam Sadhya Feast

You can take a man out of India but you can't take India out of a man.We are working folks and don't always find the time to cook ourselves,much as we would love to.At the end of the day,we yearn for home food,doesn't matter whose home.No matter how many types of international cuisine are available,the interest in regional food will always remain.In fact,I feel it's grown stronger.
Today all the papers carried stories on Onam and Sadhya so it's well known that Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala and has a special feast (Sadhya) to celebrate the coming of King Mahabali.We were five friends (Pradeep,Pramod,Sandeep,Chethana and I) and there were five others,one of whom was the bubbly Benaifar who I met at the Parsi Food Walk.

This meal was a pop-up organized by  Insia Lacewala of the Small Fry Co. whose other events I have attended.Sneha Nair made the meal for us.She is actually from the finance world but loves to cook.I have friends who are Mallu and are now insp…