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CKP Food Fest,Mumbai

Maharashtrian cuisine has great diversity.Each community has its own fare.What one sees in restaurants is Malvani food or Puneri Brahmin food.C.K.P or Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu is a Maharashtrian community that has its origins in the Indus Valley in Kashmir.Hence one sees the use of saffron and poppy seeds in their cuisine.The clan migrated via Madhya Pradesh to the Konkan coast and hence fish,tamarind and coconut were also added to their cuisine.Recently I had written about the Pathare Prabhu cuisine,another Maharashtrian community,which Bimba Nayak introduced us too

The Koli and Pathare Prabhu communities display their food for the public every year.CKPs had their exhibition in Thane but this year it was at Khar.Some of my relatives are CKP and having tried their food, I just had to visit this exhibition.

Like the Pathare Prabhus,CKPs are fun loving and progressive minded.The typical CKP Prawns Lipte was on display...a gravy made with onions and tamarind.Vaalache Birde which is…