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Getting To Know Tibetan Cuisine

Tibet lies to the north of India.Its inhabitants have traversed far and wide in India,spreading their culture and cuisine,particularly in Dharamsala,McCleodgunj,(Majnu Ka Tila)Delhi,Kolkata and Bylakuppe (Karnataka).Momos are popular all over the country with even food chains being launched that serve mainly momos.There is ofcourse more to Tibetan cuisine as we learnt on a Sunday afternoon at the Foodhall Cookery Studio at the Tibetan Community Cooking Class organised by Authenticook (a venture that  brings home chefs to the forefront)

Our teacher that day was Esha Sahoy Lepcha whose grandparents came from Tibet.She taught us dishes that are a part of Tibetan homes.....Suja/Butter Tea,Momos,Thenthuk and Ema Dashi (Bhutanese but enjoyed by Tibetans as well)

The class had eight students, some of whom had eaten Tibetan food before.I have tried some dishes at Sernnya at Andheri and got to know that the owner is Esha's uncle! Our cooking class started with Butter Tea,a savoury tea whi…