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Navroz with Bawi Bride

This year,there have been a lot of posts on Parsi and Irani food.Just the way,the year has unfolded.When Perzen invited me over for Navroz,I was thrilled.Have always wished my Parsi friends Navroz Mubarak without really knowing the significance so here was a way to find out and also get to have her great cooking.Navroz is the celebration of spring equinox in Iran
Perzen Patel (Bawi Bride) started cooking after impress the mom-in-law :) Armed with Katy Dalal's cookbook and her mom's recipes,she slowly learned to cook a great deal of Parsi cuisine.Now she blogs as the Bawi Bride and is supported lovingly by her charming husband Rushad in all her endeavours.Born in India but having spent many years in New Zealand and Canada,Perzen has a wide perspective on life.She loves to feed people and is always afraid that food will run off,so it was no wonder she had cooked for an army :)

At the dinner,I was fortunate enough to be introduced to my Twitter friends @ghaatidanc…