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The Fish Market at Bergen


This is my second post on Norway.My first is "Eating My Way Through Norway".It's a country that everyone who visits, falls in love with!  We made Bergen our base.It is located in the southwestern part of Norway.There is a scenic railway connecting Oslo and Bergen.Some people prefer to take a cruise from here to places in the north.Flights are always there.

  The Fish Market at Bergen is fascinating! It changes with the season with maximum stalls in summer.This place has historical value as this is the very place where fishermen have been selling their wares to the locals since the 13th century!!
 There were two restaurants that caught my attention in the inner hall...Fish Me and Fjellskall.
Fish Me has a display of local cheeses and caviar.Brunost,the brown cheese made of whey, cream and milk was available in goat milk and cow milk option.It also serves sushi and local delicacies

There was a Brown cheese on display that had Aquavit (the local potato and caraway liquer…

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