The Fish Market at Bergen

This is my second post on Norway.My first is " Eating My Way Through Norway" .It's a country that everyone who visits, falls in love with!  We made Bergen our base.It is located in the southwestern part of Norway.There is a scenic railway connecting Oslo and Bergen.Some people prefer to take a cruise from here to places in the north.Flights are always there.   The Fish Market at Bergen is fascinating! It changes with the season with maximum stalls in summer.This place has historical value as this is the very place where fishermen have been selling their wares to the locals since the 13th century!!  There were two restaurants that caught my attention in the inner hall...Fish Me and Fjellskall. Fish Me has a display of local cheeses and caviar.Brunost,the brown cheese made of whey, cream and milk was available in goat milk and cow milk option.It also serves sushi and local delicacies There was a Brown cheese on display that had Aquavit (the local

Eating My Way Through Norway

    There was a song that I loved in my teens: Belinda Carlisle's "Oooh, Heaven is a place on Earth".Now I know that place is  Norway! Gorgeous landscapes,loving people and lots of seafood! What's not to love? Norway is lush green in places,snowclad in others and with tall mountains,next to fjords just as deep, elsewhere!! All at the same time!!     Went to the UNESCO City of Gastronomy,Bergen, which in the medieval times, was the capital of Norway.We stayed at a hotel by the harbour which was a great decision as we could walk to various sightseeing attractions and to cruise terminals. Breakfast at the Clarion hotel was complimentary as is usually everywhere but the selection was exceptional.Not just the usual jam, butter,eggs and sausages, there were a choice of cheeses such as Brunost (brown cheese),Jarlsberg (white cheese) and Gorgonzola. No Scandanivian breakfast is complete without pickled herrings,mackerel and smoked salmon which were all there

Getting To Know Tibetan Cuisine

Tibet lies to the north of India.Its inhabitants have traversed far and wide in India,spreading their culture and cuisine,particularly in Dharamsala,McCleodgunj,(Majnu Ka Tila)Delhi,Kolkata and Bylakuppe (Karnataka).Momos are popular all over the country with even food chains being launched that serve mainly momos.There is ofcourse more to Tibetan cuisine as we learnt on a Sunday afternoon at the Foodhall Cookery Studio at the Tibetan Community Cooking Class organised by Authenticook (a venture that  brings home chefs to the forefront) Our teacher that day was Esha Sahoy Lepcha whose grandparents came from Tibet.She taught us dishes that are a part of Tibetan homes.....Suja/Butter Tea,Momos,Thenthuk and Ema Dashi (Bhutanese but enjoyed by Tibetans as well) The class had eight students, some of whom had eaten Tibetan food before.I have tried some dishes at Sernnya at Andheri and got to know that the owner is Esha's uncle! Our cooking class started with Butter