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Launch of the Mumbai Gourmet Club

We went to the Mumbai Gourmet Club launch on 12th October at Olive,Mahalakshmi.Guppy by Ai had a pop-up there and the decor was Japanese.Ai means love and there were red hearts all over the restaurant.The table mats had a picture of how to make an origami heart.Candlelight and stables with horses in front, made the ambience magical.

The Mumbai Gourmet Club was launched on Facebook by Atul Sikand,Sourish Bhattacharya and Rocky Mohan.This is a platform for food lovers and chefs to connect.Few days ago someone asked about heritage dishes of Mumbai.There were so many opinions followed by an interesting discussion about what heritage means and why some dishes did not qualify.

The launch had food lovers,foodbloggers,chefs and food writers.Prominent were Antoine Lewis (a senior food writer),Chef Ranveer Brar who has a TV show on Zee Khana Khazana,Chef Michael Swamy who has penned a beautiful cookbook "The East Indian Kitchen",Kalyan Karmakar who writes the blog Finely Chopped and …