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Food at a Baarsa...A Maharashtrian Naming Ceremony

Today we had the naming ceremony of my rarely gets to see such functions so was mighty thrilled when I heard about it.A time to connect with cousins is always welcome

The parents of the baby Vikrant and Rakhi glowed with joy.Their parents and grandparents were in attendance at the Kohinoor Hall at Prabhadevi.The priest chanted mantras.Then everyone went unto the great-grandmother (Panji)and showed their respect and took her blessings.We showered the baby and her with flowers and she in return showered the baby with tiny gold flowers.Then the aunt went and announced the baby's name....Arjun!! The grandmother then read out a note which was supposed to have been conveyed to her by Arjun in which he declares the good quality of each of his relatives that he hopes to inherit...lovely!
This was followed by a typical Maharashtrian lunch...

Khamang Kakdi or Cold Cucumber and Yoghurt Salad which was oh so refreshing

Bhajjis of potato,chillies and onion

A delightful Bhen…