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Kala Ghoda Irani Cafe Walk

The Kala Ghoda Festival held some pretty amazing walks this year.I was floored by their Stained Glass  Workshop and Walk earlier in the week and again by the talk and walk on Public Dining History today.A great way to know your city! Kudos to the Kala Ghoda Fest committee for organizing such events
First we had Krutti Garg tell us about Fort and its three gates.She spoke of how Indians traditionally ate at home in the late 1800s and how restaurants were unheard of.The migration of people from interiors of Maharashtra to work at mills brought about the setting up of Khanawals,home style cheap food served in little houses for workers living away from families.These were in Dadar,Parel and Lalbaug area as that's where the mills were.Bhatiyarkhanas and Caravan Serais were also set up in the same light.
The first hotel that was set up in Mumbai was the Watson Hotel,which was in current day Kala Ghoda area,next to the Army-Navy Building.British clubs and hotels were not open to Indians…