Alibaug Summer

Alibaug is so close to Mumbai.Just an hour away via ferry to Mandwa Jetty.For those that prefer driving it takes about three hours.Being summer,we spotted lots of mango trees with tiny raw mangoes.Watermelon stalls too piqued our interest.We prefer the unstriped sugar babies.All along the way,whenever we spotted a village,there were women selling fish on wooden boards.

The Mandwa Jetty was buzzing with people,being a long weekend.It drizzled,adding to the charm! We grabbed coconuts to sip on while watching the crash of the waves on the rocks.

Lunch that day was simple yet delicious chicken curry and pomfret fry prepared by cooks of Agri origin.Next day we spotted a fisherman on the beach carrying his haul of freshly caught live lobsters.We bought them and my cousin cooked half of them in a pan but akin to Lobster Thermidor while the cook made a traditional curry....Shevandiche Kalvan.Difficult to say which one was better

There were some women on the beach digging for oysters (Kalwa) when the waves retreated.My cousin tried her hand at it and it was no mean task! These can be made into curry and had as fritters.Couldn't get more fresh than this!

I had taken a book along to read but didn't turn a page.The view of the ocean and the twittering of the birds was way too intoxicating to do anything else! No television,no newspapers,no doorbells! Spotted a bird of paradise in the garden!

Alibag town has a fish market but there are stalls in other areas too.The Zirad market on the way had some excellent vegetables which we picked up for home.The famous white onions of Alibaug make a great koshimbir (salad).Along the main road, there were museums and curio shops which we made a note to visit on a longer trip.


Anjali Koli said…
You are in love with my native land dear friend. We wish to welcome more friends like you to soak in. We must go together <3
Sassy Fork said…
Yes,we must! I want to explore Thal with you!
Me too! Don't leave me behind

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