Bombay Local

The Small Fry Co. set up a pop-up event "Bombay Local" in Colaba on 25th Jan 2014.This was after the grand success of similar events in Bandra.It presented fresh and locally produced goodies to Sobo

I was there to meet Perzen Patel a.k.a Bawi Bride who had a stall selling delicious Parsi food,assisted by her sweet and supportive husband Rushad,who shies away from the camera.Was thrilled to finally meet the pretty Roxanne Bamboat in person...Tiny Taster to many...whose blogposts I never miss.Her tastes are similar...her recommendations work for me! Meher Gandevia-Billimoria,on the right, works for an NGO (Centre For Advancement of Philanthropy) that launched the  "Cuisine for a Cause" book on Parsi cuisine.Also met Antoine Lewis,food critic,for whom I hold great regard.Methodical,analytical and adventurous,he has a flair for writing which you can see here 

The pop-up had me intrigued with micro greens (tiny edible young greens) that are rich in vitamins and carotenoids....tried them on melba toast with grilled chicken and they were oh so yum.This was by Terra Farms,an urban vertical farm from Manori Island,Malad.These are untreated and non-GMO.There were pea shoots,moong shoots,fenugreek,fennel and radish.These can be added to salads,appetizers or main course.It also has visual appeal.Great way to get children to have their greens.Was happy to see Joel D'souza associated with them.Joel is chef and owner of Crumbs To Gourmet catering and loves to try all types of cuisines.He travelled to the North East and then made dumplings inspired by their cooking.

Then there was ethereal dark chocolate combined with Mysore coffee! Handcrafted,these were made from high quality cocoa beans and vanilla beans  from Africa by Bean Therapy

Oats-Cinnamon-Wheat Cookie was healthy yet flavorful!

The Raw Pressery had vegetable juices in 250 ml bottles.These are delivered to your home on order.Options include apple-beet-carrot-ginger-lemon and kale-spinach-doodhi-amla-celery-green apple-ginger-lemon.Good Juicery with its apple juice,passion fruit juice and guava juice was also there.

Life Ki Recipe by Amrita Rana provided goodies such as Strawberry Vinaigrette...will go well with my micro greens.

Artisanal cheeses were also on display

Mumbai does have many new and exciting options today.For home delivery there is also My Peon!


Pooja Agarwal said…
Wanted to go for this event, but got held up at a family function :(
Sassy Fork said…
Similar event at Khar today....Tea Party at Sanctum
Bigger photographs on the page would make much better

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