Wedding Food

Weddings today have changed.Now you see a fusion of customs and cuisines,as people are marrying people from different backgrounds and culture than their own.At times,we see traditional customs of both the sides and that's enriching!

As far as food goes,I am tired of seeing Tawa Sabzi,Methi Malai Mutter and Paneer Makhanwala at every other wedding.Two weddings I attended recently had traditional food, which was a refreshing change.

The Maharashtrian wedding of my niece Rishika to Vineet was held at Indraprastha Hall in Pune.Indraprastha used to be the capital of the Pandava kingdom in Mahabharata.
Maharashtrian weddings are not long drawn affairs.The Muhurta is in the morning around 10am or 11am,The bride and groom aren't allowed to see each other till the "Shubhamangalam-Savadhaan" is over.They are separated by the Antarpat or a curtain which is removed once songs and mantras have been chanted.They are then lifted in the air by relatives and friends and they garland each other.

Earlier food used to be served on banana leaves but now melamine plates are the order of the day.

At Rshika and Vineet's wedding there were Jilbees (or Jalebi)

and Mattha or spiced buttermilk which aids digestion.The Jilbee is dipped in Mattha and eaten.

Bharli Vangi or Stuffed Brinjals which were flavorful and colorful

Batatya chi Bhaaji...a spiced potato vegetable,common at home but well loved!

Bhajji or Mixed Vegetable Fritters.

Alu Chi Patal Bhaaji,a sweet and sour curry made of Colocassia leaves and peanuts.


Varan or Lentils/Toor Dal

And a dash of Ghee or Toop.This cooking medium has been used by Indians for centuries and they remained healthy.While it has some amount of saturated fat and cholesterol,the Indian diet (as compared to Western Diet) does not have many sources of either.Which is why it can be used in small amounts,without exceeding the advised limits of saturated fat and cholesterol content in daily diet.Trans fats or hydrogenated fats (vanaspati) on the other hand are detrimental to health and must not be used.

Maharashtrian wedding food is always vegetarian.It is simple but delicious!


Pria said…
Love Indian weddings.... customs, colorful and heavy sarees and FOOD :-)
The Cloudcutter said…
I already drooled over the Bong wedding pix on FB... and I can't believe I'm saying this but the Maharashtrian veg food looks quite inviting. I've always loved batatya chi bhaji, and the alu chi bhaji and bharli vangi also looks interesting.

Simple vegetarian fare can be really delicious, I fondly remember the meals I used to have at a friend's place in Pune years ago. I haven't eaten Maharashtrian food like that ever again.
Shannon said…
hi :)

thanks for visiting my site. i can see that you are passionate about food! i was thinking of giving myself an indian food challenge week, in which i try to prepare several indian dishes at home. any suggestions for that?

x shannon
Sassy Fork said…
Sure Shannon :)) about making Biryani,Maharashtrian Fish Curry,Cauliflower with Bengali Five Spice....I can go on....let me know if you need any of the recipes
Shannon said…
ooo ok interesting ideas! this can be a project for the new year. maybe i will start with the cauliflower. recipe suggestions are most welcome!
The knife said…
Coming from Bengal I never realised why people got so excited about going to Parsi weddings over here... took me time to realise that non vegetarian weddings are not the most natural of things...

Nice to see the contrast between the two weddings
Pooja Mahimkar said…
The fooood yummm!!! And I just realised its been weeks I had varan bhat!!! Off to tell mom to make it :)
Madhvi said…
mouth-watering dishes - esp the Pune wedding menu at this time of the day looks completely inviting...The info on the BRahmo Samaj weddings was good - Pics are excellent.
Anjali said…
Sassy among Maharashtrians the Kolis have fried fish, fish with vegetables and fish in coconut curry. It will not be a wedding feast for a Koli if there is no fish on the menu.
Good food brings people together. Finger food is best suited for all occasions, it is light and people love eating it.Will certainly visit your site more often now.

Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Zonia! Heard Filipino food iS lovely!

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