Matsyagandha:Govt Fish Festival

Matsyagandha Fish Festival 1020 was an exhibition held by the The Department of Fisheries, Government of Maharashtra and the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad at the Bandra Kurla Complex in December 2010.I quite liked the concept.It seeked to educate people about the fishing industry,helped fisherfolk to promote their sales and showed students the scope for jobs in the Fisheries sector.

Opportunity in adversity

They showed how fish is used not just for eating but also for making medicines

One stall in particular caught my eye "Fishery Survey Of India".The scientist there Mr Patture explained patiently to all that came to his stall about various methods of catching fish,including eco friendly measures.

This is a fish hook that does not cause damage to the fish's cheeks when caught.

He told me about Tuna Long Lining measures they use.

This is a picture of a fish trap used in rocky areas below the sea where nets can tear or get stuck.The fish swims into it and cannot come out.This is called trap fishing.

Squid are caught by a method called Squid Jigging.First a light attracts them and then they lower equipment to which squid get stuck.

There were various types of nets.

and pictures of fishes seen in Indian waters,freshwater and sea.

Then there were dry fish products on display.

Also a display about how pearls are cultured.

Stalls about shrimps

and stalls about unusual fish dishes.

They had a display of fish in aquariums which were for sale.

even had a pair of stingrays.

Then there was the section of Foodstalls:Koli,Malvani and East Indian.

Bambe Bombil are Bombay Ducks that have been dried slightly and then cooked in Koli Masala.

Egg Bhurji or Scrambled Eggs made out of Fish Eggs!

Squid Kheema!!

Dried Fish!

and Shark Kheema or Shark Mince.

Hot,spicy Mussels!

Ritu from Konkan Kinara showed me Prawn Frankie.

Ravas Schezwan
Prawn Pulao

and Prawn Curry.

Another stall by fisherwomen from Madh Island had Ghol Fish Curry.

Crabs in Green Chutney

and Fish Eggs or Ghaboli.

I spotted a Koli speciality of bananas stuffed with coconut!

Bambey Bombil Curry

Squid Curry
and Lobster Curry.

What an information,fish for sale and fish to was just perfect!


PreeOccupied said…
So fishy! This is awesome, Sassy. Loaded with information and lots of trivia.
Sassy Fork said…
Yes,it was wonderful,I wish they had advertised more about it!
Laila said…
hey, read ur blogs. i have also visited the shivaji park festival and one earlier at colaba.

unfortunately i missed the latest one at bandra, seems it was really good but they dont advertise so i didnt know about it

in case there's any such thing happening let me know on my email- dias.laila2@gmail .com
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Laila! Will keep you posted!
Anjali said…
OMG! I am seeing Gabholi after many moons I used to love it when I was a Non-veg eater as a child. These taste like khus-khus but there is another variety where the eggs are like cod liver oil capsules. I used to call it drakshi coz they looked I grapes :)

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