Bombay Local at Khar Gymkhana

Went to the Bombay Local,an event that is young,peppy,colorful and superbly curated by the Small Fry Co! This time it was at the Khar Gymkhana and was on a much bigger scale.

When we entered,the Food Memory project was being discussed on stage by  Kalyan Karmakar,Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal,Kurush Dalal and Rukmankan Sivaloganathan.Ranveer Brar spoke of the khansamas under whom he learnt and how he was taught about perfection and the importance of the smallest of steps.Kurush spoke of Gastronomic Heritage and made reference to Bimba Nayak who serves lovely Pathare Prabhu food.Rukmankan runs Trekurious that makes exciting home chef meals available to all

The Project involves pasting post-its with your favorite food memory on the installation and sending postcards to the person you want to thank for having fed you in the past.The table had glass jars with jeera goli and candies,which transported you to your childhood.The positive response that Rushina got for her book based on her grandmother's cooking and other happy moments,inspired her to launch this project.Incidentally "A Pinch Full Of This And A Handful Of That' has won the Best Blogger Book Award at the World Gourmand Awards.

Alongside were stalls serving a plethora of regional food.I had the Chicken Momos.

Spotted Madhumita Pyne selling her delectable Mango Chilli Sauce

There was a new company called Haute Chef that home delivers recipes and ingredients with changes in menu every week.This week included Chilled Gazpacho Soup,Watermelon Panzella Salad and Pan Seared Fish.The key is that the exact quantity of the ingredient is delivered,saving wastage and cost

There were stalls selling Mexican wraps,Sindhi food,Bohri food and Punjabi food.Kurush and Rhea's stall was sold out.They serve an unusual seasonal Parsi dish called Paki Keri Ma Ghosh.....Meat with Ripe Mango!

Finally there was a session on Food Story Telling chaired by Roshan Abbas.It started with the lovely Maria Gorretti who narrated a story  related to her training at the Cordon Bleu.She said that you have to have it inside you to succeed,regardless of any certificate.What she really looks forward to is the appreciation of those who eat what she cooks....her family and her friends!

Kalyan Karmakar narrated his noodle story wherein his wife would just walk off in a huff everytime he made them and she tried them.Finally it was the thela-wallas or street food vendors who taught him how to cook the noodles correctly!

It was full house by the time we left and the night was still young....


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