Mumbai's Food Shows

Food shows are a wonderful way of seeing what's new in the market.For the longest time,I have been attending The Upper Crust Food and Wine Show.The visual appeal and actual taste cannot be replicated be an ad.Over the years, there has been a trend for healthy snacks which is a great thing!

Snacks that are not fried and made with whole grain and are well spiced to give that kick without the calories!

Pleased to see the humble flaxseed make its appearance in the form of mukhwas.Loaded with omega 3 fat though not as much as fish,this is a great source of nutrition for vegetarians.

A Japanese company Asahi Kasei has come out with cooking foil on which food can be cooked,cutting down on oil.Take for example the fried egg above.

Spotted the Afghan mulberry....a delicious popper!

One of the food stalls I enjoyed was the Parsi Da Dhaba.This is located at Talasari on the Mumbai Gujarat highway.The freshness and taste of the food is exceptional.This is one of the few places that serves Dudh Puff.Earlier people used to go about Parsi colonies selling this in the morning.Made with cream and morning dew,this is ethereal.Parsi Da Dhaba still serves it in the morning in various flavors.

Attended Rushina's class where she used exotic ingredients such as kale and kumquats at the Upper Crust show

Impressed to see that Mumbai has a health food cafe called Cafe Jiva that serves rolls made with healthy wholegrain atta

Among the products,I spotted the Kitchen Aid,such a dream! Some day will get one...

The other food show I attended was the vegetarian Great Food Show by BBC Good Food magazine.I like vegetarian food but dislike it being categorized separately on such a platform.Hey,come on! We are in 2015! Let's live and let live!

All the same,the vegetarian stuff was pretty amazing.Like Mr Gogate's Chilly Chutneys and display of various chillies.He has also published a book on the same!

Then there was this amazing Jackfruit Biryani by Shaheen, as close to meat as you could get!

Punjabi food came in form of tartlets with Gajar Ka Halwa and Sarson Ka Saag! This from Inderjit Nagpal who is a home chef whose meals you can try through Meal Tango

There were many more home chefs and how they delighted! No restaurant can compare to the innovative ghar ka khana they provided!

Be it the Kala Channa Shammi Kabab....

or Guava Pani Puri....

Like last year,there was artisanal cheese by The Spotted Cow Fromagerie by the Mehra brothers.This time's cheeses were Brie,Camembert and Robiola!

One product that impressed me was the Grill by Weber....easy for home use!

It rained that day throwing things in a tizzy but the Meal Tango section had umbrellas.All in all,it was a nice exhibition but would have been nicer with non vegetarian food as well.


Sweet said…
Hey..I'd love to be checking out sych stuff too..nicest bit about living in mumbai. ..

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