Happiness Ki Recipe

When I saw the announcement for the Happy Food Cookshop,I knew I had to attend it.Even though it was vegetarian :D  There is something very powerful about positivity!This  workshop was to be conducted by Amrita Kaur Ramsinghani who teaches unconventional  exciting cooking.She personifies happiness! She is from Indore,has been a journalist,then worked on radio and now is into cooking.Marriage to her DJ husband brought her to Mumbai.She has learnt cooking from family,friends and Google :) Amrita named her blog Life Ki Recipe.She is now on Youtube..as Lady Kha-Kha :) You can see her video here

The class started with Green Beans with Shitake Mushrooms,Garlic and Toasted Almonds,the aroma of which sent us all in a tizzy! That was my favorite dish of the day! Shitake Mushrooms,by the way, are a good source of vitamin D

The above three stunning pictures are by Tanvi Mehra,a yoga teacher, dancer and an avid Instagrammer who is all into healthy food.In fact all the people who had come to the class were particular about their diet

Here we learnt how to grill pineapple! Then glaze it with rum (optional) and garnish with sea salt, arugula and goat cheese.Delectable!!

Crunchy Lettuce Wraps were next.These were to be stuffed with Avocado but the thing definite about avocado is its unpredictability.Can't be sure when it will ripen.Today wasn't that day.So we made do with the rest....carrots,red cabbage,green mango...in a coconut milk and lime dressing.

I had seen Edible Flowers on Kunal Vijayakar's show a while ago.Here I actually saw them.We put them into ice cube trays and froze them with water.They made pretty ice cubes which we dunked in a lemonade with the intense flavor of kokum. Now I know what to do with the pretty cornflowers I saw at Foodhall.Here's an interesting article on edible flowers.Here are pictures of some of them

Chilled Beet Soup looked luscious and tasted hearty!

We learnt what to do with exotic ingredients and made dishes in no time.Great stuff to make when you call people over.In fact Amrita keeps just starters at her parties

All in all,the Happy Food Cookshop was an enjoyable experience! There was color and contrasting taste,varied textures and intriguing ingredients.Specially loved the positive vibe of the Tangerine Arts Studio in Bandra.....happy food at a happy place!!


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