The Lil Flea Market at Bandra

This weekend I was at the Lil Flea Market at Bandra Reclamation.It was a pop-up event with art,music and food from all over Mumbai.I went on saturday afternoon and sunday evening.The first day was ideal for shopping as the crowds hadn't built up owing to the heat.I bought some pretty trinkets and baubles at a steal.

Close to the entrance was the Lil Flea Cafe with stalls such as by Sanjay Solomon and his brand of artisanal chocolates called Bean Therapy.He uses Belgian dark chocolate with spices such as Coorgi Pepper,Elaichi,Lemon Peel,Mysore Coffee and Guntur Chilly! The effect is phenomenal and exceptional!

Joel D'souza of Crumbs to Gourmet,an Orlem boy,had a stall serving sandwiches and Polish dumplings! The dumplings contained Jamun!! The sandwiches ranged from pork (which incidentally went viral after it was instagrammed by a customer),Mango Chicken (with Alphonso Mango) and Tangy Mangy Vegetables as seen below

Perzen Patel of Bawi Bride was there and on both the days her fare was sold out before closing time!

One of the most fascinating stalls I loved was that of outstanding display of colors!

The place was throbbing with music....Ini Kamoze's Hot Stepper making everyone tap their feet to music

Learnt about Poi,an exercise form followed by the Maoris! Mad Poi conduct Twirling Art Workshops in Juhu and Bandra...a new way of fitness based on traditional principles!

Monali and Sonali Mitra's stall Unwind had a marvellous range of bags in vibrant colors.She also had stunning sheer cover ups for beach parties

Last but not the least was Healthy display of Cafe Jiwa,,Bandra ..they offered rotis of bajra,jowar,soya,rajgira coupled with greens like salad sprouts and assorted greens and stuffed with mains like chargrilled fruits and exotic veggies in balsamic.This was doused in greek yoghurt or desi chutney or similar sauces.Way to go!

On Sunday evening it was nice and cool and I chatted with friends on the floor of the cafe,with lovely music playing in the background.My sort of Sunday :)


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