The Great Food Show 2014...Things that interested me

BBC Good Food Magazine held its first Great Food Show at the Nehru Centre.I enjoy reading the magazine as it covers all kinds of cuisines and new products available in the market.I like the part where they compare and grade giving reasons.There's usually an article on a lesser known vegetable, something I love discovering.That's why I chose to go to the show,even though it was vegetarian :)

The show was spread over three floors.The one that was air-conditioned was the most comfortable as I was visiting in the afternoon.There were stalls on the terrace but these would be a lot more comfortable in the evening.
On one floor,there were cooking demonstrations on brown rice and Spanish saffron on display

We were really hungry so we headed to the Jade Garden and had Busaba's veg momos

and cold Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with tofu and chopped veggies

Something new was the Bahn-Mi sandwich.I learnt the next day at a party from a lovely couple Marc and Toni who have travelled to Vietnam that there are people who go around town with these on their cycles,yelling out "Bahn-Mi" and selling them.The classic one has pork but here it had tofu and carrots in a baguette.You guessed it right,the bahn-mi has a French influence.

The Samskara Wellness stall has cheeses from Auroville Pondicherry....Feta,Lofabu,Auroblochon,Parmesan and Cheddar.These are all rennet free so vegetarian.

Trikaya had goat cheese and shitake dim sums,both ingredients which I love.

Aamrai Organic mangoes were a pleasant surprise.Preservatives can cause allergies and so also early ripening using chemicals.

Organic food was available at many stalls.

Pretty impressed by Meal Tango,which arranges for home meals in a country you cool! I don't understand why people travel and then eat only Indian food.

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie by Prateeksh and Agnay Mehra which is in Mira Road,in the basement of their house, had some pretty awesome cheeses...Bombrie and Camembert

There were cookbook releases by Pooja Dhingra and Varun.There were also cooking demos but they were to be held later in the day.
Let's hope the next one has nonveg!! :)


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