Merry Christmas!!!

Ah!! It's Christmas time again!! Always make me happy.In school it was all about carol singing.I was extremely proud to belong to the school choir and sing in Descant! My hymn book is something I treasure to this day!
I love going to Bandra 'cause it brightens up even further at Xmas time.Shops along Hill Road are packed with trinkets and baubles,snowflakes and Santas.Cafe Andora is where I would pick up my pastel colored Christmas sweets made of marzipan.Guava Cheese came from an aunty on Chapel Road.
This year is special because I reconnected with Milanda Jagtiani.Many of my birthday cakes and snacks were made by her when she owned Sante at Pali Market.Once she sold it,we lost in touch.....until this month when I saw her announcement on Facebook.Milanda grew up in Lagos and went to culinary school in Hong Kong.She teaches exotic cooking.Her classes are full of unique ingredients which are all available in our city,be it Curry Powder or Kalamata Olives.An afternoon with her is like being on a picnic.

Milanda has made Xmas cakes,Xmas logs and spiced cookies this time.She also conducts cooking classes including one on Stuffed Roast Chicken.Turkey I think is overrated.I remember cooking one in the oven for long when I was in the US and yet it wasn't cooked.Finally I chucked it and made something simpler.Which reminds me of the fabulous Stuffed Roast Pigling that I ordered from Christina Fernandes three winters ago.Tender with a crackling that complimented it so well! :)

The best thing I discovered this Christmas are some healthy snacks Milanda has made......Granola and Spiced Nuts.So here's wishing you a Healthy and Happy Christmas!!!


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