Le 15 Patisserie:Rushina Rocks

Rushina and I have been in touch for a while thanks to our common friend and fellow blogger Kalyan Karmakar.Rushina writes a food blog called "A Perfect Bite" and conducts cooking classes at the gourmet store Godrej Nature's Basket and Le15 Patisserie.
The other day I was online and she posted details of her next class on Facebook and that she would be giving a red wine chutney to all the participants.Evoked my interest.Saw that it was at a time convenient for me and thought it was a great opportunity to meet her as well.
Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal is such a wonderful soul....sweet,affectionate,easygoing,unassuming,creative and immensely talented.

Jolly glad I went.I have attended several cooking classes but none were as much fun as hers.The dishes were her own creations and she gave us a lot of options.The best part was that all of it was healthy! She used fruits,vegetables,yoghurt and olive oil.
Rushina knew few dishes before marriage and then her husband taught her a great deal about cooking,while they were in Chandigarh.Rushina is Gujarati but not vegetarian.She cooks and eats everything.Well,almost! Her husband who is from Uttaranchal is an amazing cook.He surprised her the other day by gifting her a large Le Creuset pan!

Le15 Patisserie where the classes were held is run by the bubbly Pooja Dhingra who has a Diploma in French Pastry from Le Cordon Bleu,Paris.Le15 is the arrondissement in Paris where she lived and that's how Le15 Patisserie got its name.Pooja is a dynamic woman,friendly and hardworking.Her French bakery was launched in March this year and they have a dessert counter in Worli and at Good Earth,Lower Parel,Mumbai.They are already very popular.They just made 3000 cupcakes last night for an order!
While our class was on,Pooja brought us a batch of their delicious,unique colored macaroons.Everyone attacked them and they were over in no time. They make flavors such as passionfruit,chai and caramel too!

At the class I met Prapti who has attended a whole lot of Le Patisserie's baking classes.This time,
Rushina gave us a personalised hands-on course!

Our class was on "Amuse Bouche"....things that tantalise the mouth while you wait for dinner.
Heard the term for the first time at the restaurant "Cyrus" in Sonoma Valley.These are single bite foods that amuse the mouth!

She made Crudite Shots with Layered dip.Crudites are vegetable sticks...in this case carrots and cucumbers which were served on salsa and guacamole.The edges of the glass were dipped in chilli flakes and parsley making this look ideal for Christmas.

The Pomegranate Salad shots had onion,cucumber,pomegranate and lime with a dash of vodka added on top.Things that make you go hmmmnn!

Then came the Mini Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce for which she used strips of chicken breast.The main flavor came from toasted sesame oil.The aroma had me dizzy! Rushina says that this is one bottle that should be in every woman's kitchen....it's THE key to making a man happy! :)

She cooked the chicken on an induction plate which had it ready in no time.

This she served with peanut sauce made of peanut butter,lime,soya sauce and other ingredients.

The next Amuse Bouche was Vietnamese.Mini Spicy Aubergine Rice Paper Rolls.Usually these are filled with chicken,pork or prawns but Rushina made these vegetarian.She grilled the aubergine in olive oil.

Vietnamese cuisine has a whole lot of green....cilantro,chilly,lemon grass,mint and basil.The citrusy aroma can entice even the coldhearted.

Rice paper pancakes are available readymade at the Godrej Nature's Basket.We dipped these in warm water and then filled it with greens and aubergine and rolled into a bundle.

Then Rushina brought out a packet of Jumbo Prawns which had been peeled and deveined.Was quite impressed with the quality of prawns.

These she sauteed with chillies,lemongrass and Kaffir Lime leaves......this was my most favorite one.....it had punch and style!

She laid the juicy,spicy prawns on Chinese spoons and voila....the dish was ready! Even Prapti who was vegetarian remarked that it smelt delicious!

She was charged after that and helped with the Tahini sauce for the Gratinated Potatoes and Middle Eastern Labneh Balls.

Then we learnt an Indian appetizer.....again Rushina's baby....Tandoori Chicken Salad on Brun Paav Bruschetta.She used ingredients with excellent quality and avoided artificial food colors.

She mixed the chicken with onions,tomatoes and capsicum(green peppers) and served it on grilled and lightly buttered Brun Pao!

Then came the invasion of the fruits......

Fruit Pizzas with raspberry,kiwi and grapes....no cream....just yoghurt!

The above picture is that of the dragon fruit which she used to make fruit skewers with grapes and kiwi

And then as though all this was not enough.....she gave all of us a bottle of her signature Red Wine Chutney with dry fruits........

Rushina...........you rock!!!


murtaza said…
would like to attend your class,
Sassy Fork said…
There is a class on Monday 11th October:
Le 15 Central Kitchen
Shop 2, B wing, Rajgruha Co-Op, BM Marg, Elphinstone West,Mumbai
Pls call Pooja or Anne on 9820487727
Snigdha Manchanda Binjola said…
Awww...the pictures are dizzying! you lucky people :)
Curry Spice said…
oooh! i agree. lovely post
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Snigdha and Curry Spice...it was fun being around Rushina.She is also giving a Demo on Australian cooking at Godrej Nature's Basket this Tuesday 12 October
Madhvi said…
This is the best post do far!

Delicious & intriguing recipes - passionate & interesting people!
Rushina said…
Thanks all of you!

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