Sunday Mid-day 10th October 2010

Ever since I read "Eat My Globe",I have become a huge fan of the UK Foodie Simon Majumdar.He is hilarious,adventurous and dashing! This book is his real life story.He chucked his job and went all over the world in search of the best food and narrated his journey in his wonderful style.I have been in splits while reading every page.No one can match his brand of humor.He also has a blog called Dos Hermanos( and throws gourmet parties called 'Dine with Dos Hermanos".He recently released his second book "Eating For Britain".To top all that, he is now judge for the Iron Chef on Food Network.
Inspite of being so successful,he remains grounded,friendly,helpful and unassuming.He's my hero!
Shall remember today forever...not just because it is 10.10.10 but also because Sunday Mid-day published an article on Food Bloggers featuring Simon Majumdar,Kalyan Karmakar,Mallika Basu and me! Feel so privileged to be in the same article as you,Simon!!


jaya said…
I read it too and thats how I am here...yet to explore ur blog but first impression is mindblowing !!
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Jaya!Look forward to your comments!
Madhvi said…
I have been following Next iron Chef & Simon is refreshingly frank & clear with his comments. Same for his recommendations for you & your fellow-bloggers on Mid-day!
pramod said…
meticulously written, although I am a Veggie, but on cuisine a very well written post.
Sassy Fork said…
thank you Pramod...i have started a veggie blog to which i will post soon! :)
Sassy Fork said…
It is called The Sassy Fork's Veggie Adventures

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