Returning from Ratnagiri:My Konkan Holiday Part 5

Our trip to the Konkan was a short but action packed one.The beauty of the ocean,the cool sea breeze,the glimmering lighthouse in the distance all made for a perfect relaxation.While leaving I looked at the little cottages(of Ratnasagar resort) below the casuarina trees and coconut palms at the Bhatye beach for the last time. The only thing I was glad to leave behind were the mosquitoes which had a predilection for me! Essential to be armed with Odomos and Goodknight.
Passed "Konkan Chinese Corner" a flame red colored roadside stall on the streets of Ratnagiri and stalls selling Dabeli.Took us an hour and half to reach Chiplun by road.

There we had dosas at Shivsagar which were of excellent quality.

After Chiplun came Khed.If you ask your bais at home or your Marathi staff or acquaintances at work which village they belong to,you will realise that they all lie along this highway.

The ghats had posters of tantalising pictures of seafood of a Khed hotel called "Green Village".

Mangaon came after Khed and there were watermelon stalls with cut fruit too to beat the heat.

Vegetables from nearby villages looked oh so fresh!

Spotted a basket of mulberries which were immensely sweet!

Asked the fruitseller what this fruit was.....turns out it was the kokum fruit.Expectedly,tasted SOUR!

Ramphal is similar to Sitaphal except that it has no seeds.The price quoted was high.Wonder if it was because we were tourists.Whatever happened to the simplicity of village folks.

Strawberries were small but sweet.

Then spotted a woman selling roasted cashewnuts.Reminded me of the toasted Singhada we get in Mumbai. Another lady was selling tender cashewnuts or Ole Kaju.Mangoan Market was full of interesting things!! Very crowded though!

When we passed Indapur,I spotted a Gujarati Thali restaurant!

Many of the villages have trees along both sides of the road forming beautiful avenues!

Saw the Konkan Railway train on the bridge above.Another option to travel to the Konkan!!
There are also tour operators such as Kokan Paryatan and Sachin Travels.

At Wadakalnaka we saw many stalls selling white onions from Alibag.

The heat was getting to us so we stopped at Marquis Manthan at Pen for Fresh Lime and Soda and Veg Sandwiches. Good service and clean place.Decent loos....something that's not so common on the highway.Was appalled by the dirty toilets at Kamat's,Mahad.That's a name one associates with quality!
Saw umpteen Neera stalls,the palm drink that cost Rs 7 for 200 ml.

Saw the "Garden Mall" near Karnala Bird Sanctuary which was a nursery that sold all things garden.

At Karnala,one sees lots of monkeys besides the birds.

Then came Panvel,Navi Mumbai and then home.......Mumbai!!!


And will you be going back again and again for the hhhhhaaaaaApoooos?
Sassy Fork said…'s so yummy,I can't tell you!!! But I would also go back for the fish!!!
Oh, what I would give for some tender cashews and kokums right now! Kokum sarbat is made by halving and de-seeding the kokums and filling the cavities with sugar. The resultant syrup is the sarbat. Am DYING to make it this summer!
Sassy Fork said…
@Saee.Wow! That sounds yummy! Wonder how they make kokum agal.First time I saw the kokum fruit

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