Ratnagiri :My Konkan Holiday Part 2

We reached Ratnagiri,Mango Country after a drive of 9 hrs as we chose to stop very two hours.This year thanks to the weather the mango season has been delayed.There were trees everywhere laden with raw green mangoes.Some are at ground level yet no one plucks them.I came across a local newspaper called "Ratnagiri Times" and loved it.It was full of positive news on page 1,covering community events and achievements.This puts the reader in a great mood at the start.Inside were pages covering national and international news.It talked of the order of 20 tonnes of mangoes received from Japan and a 10 tonne order from USA.Alphonso and Kesari are the preferred varieties.We bought small size Alphonso mangoes at the market for Rs 500 for 4 dozens!

On Saturday we witnessed the Weekly Market.The whole place was abuzz with people.Vegetables and fruits were being sold at much more reasonable prices than we hear of.The next day,the place was quiet.Just a couple of shops remained.The produce was wonderful thanks to the red soil.We bought a giant cauliflower.

We also bought some country brinjals to make Bharli Vangi.

After the market we headed for local food.Vyankatesh Dinning had received much praise from Aditya Bal when he covered in on his show Chak Le India.The restaurant is partly airconditioned which was a relief as it was really hot that day.The fare here includes Konkani,Punjabi and Chinese.Mrs Nalavade,the owner told us that the tourists ask for Konkani food whereas the locals want something different from home hence eat Punjabi outside! Therefore they have a Konkani Thali and a Punjabi Thali! She pointed out that Konkani food differs from Malvani in that it has more red chillies whereas Malvani has green.

The food here was excellent.The Surmai was fresh.The curries were coconut based as was the Sol Kadi.

We also had a curry of Tender Cashewnuts and it was heartening!

The restaurant was centrally located.There was another restaurant "Shubham" suggested to us but we didn't have time to go there.

In the evening we went off for a leisurely backwater boat cruise.

The banks had mangroves and coconut palms.Saw houses of fishermen and many mosques as most of them are Muslims.

We passed several boats where fishermen were repairing their nets or catching crabs and small fish.

Also spotted a father teaching his little sons fishing and boy were they enjoying it!!

We moved to the choppy part of the sea and then moved back to the calm backwaters.Saw the Ratnagiri Lighthouse in the distance and it looked majestic on top of a hill.What a wonderful day!


Pria said…
Very well-written.
I miss Paayri and Haapoos Mangoes here. I cook cashew curry in the US too. Konkan Holiday sounds like a plan now the next time I visit Mumbai. Thanks for sharing.
Satish Talim said…
Very interesting article. Next time, when I am in Ratnagiri, I must check out the places you have suggested.
Kurush Dalal said…
year b4 last on our way to goa we stopped at ganapatiphule ..... this year its gotta be Ratnagiri! thanx for the details.
Sassy Fork said…
Kurush,thought of you when I saw the beautiful sculptures in the Thiba Palace.Rhea and you will love them.
Curry Spice said…
sounds pretty divine. Loving this series

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