Mirkarwada Jetty:My Konkan Holiday Part 4

We visited the Bhagwati Temple which is in the Ratnadurg Fort,on top of a mountain.The road to the temple is lovely as it passes by typical old Konkani houses shadowed by coconut,mango and banana trees.One can view the Bhagwati Bundar from above and see the Pandhara Samudra(white sea) and Kala Samudra (black sea).There is also a cave opening into the sea and an old well and some banyan trees.
Saw a statue of Kanoji Angre,who was Shivaji's general and guarded ports.He started a naval force which eventually became the Indian Navy.He started the town of Alibag.He was well respected from Gujarat Coast to the Konkan.The Western Naval Command INS Angre and the Maritime Museum near Mumbai are named after him.

While we were there,a new Coast Guard Centre was inaugurated at Ratnagiri to guard our waters against terrorists.

After our fort visit,we then headed for the Mirkarwada Jetty where fishing boats were due to arrive with their catch.On reaching there we saw several boats and were told that owing to the windy weather at sea, the boats hadn't ventured out.There was still some sale of fish at the jetty.People bargained for the baskets....it was a wholesale market.

Saw a colorful fish called "Parrot Fish" amongst sharks,squids and crabs.

After having seen them fishes, we headed for a coastal meal at a small restaurant called "Amantran" which was non-air conditioned. There were bowls of mint leaves everywhere and the waiter told us that they repel flies.

We had the Sol Kadi and had Clams,Prawns and Pomfret.The Fish Eggs or Gaboli were spicy and delicious. We also had the Biryani(Konkani) which most people there were having and it was awesome.

The best food is available in small restaurants and one has to ask around where to eat.


The knife said…
sounds lie a great trip and the fish look so beautiful
Anonymous said…
Mouthwatering!Great write-up!
How does the Konkan Biriyani differ from the Hyderabadi one?
Sassy Fork said…
Dear Anon,Thanks...Konkani Biryani has coconut,tomatoes and saunf versus the Hyderabadi Biryani

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