Ganpatipule & Ratnagiri:My Konkan Holiday Part 3

We stayed at the Kohinoor Samudra Resort at Bhatye Beach which has packages that cover stay,meals and train travel.It is located on a cliff overlooking the Bhatye beach and several coconut groves.In the garden we saw short mango trees that had flowered and some had fruits.

As I walked around I saw monkeys.
The local women working in the garden told me not to be afraid of them.

Lalitabai and Lalbee signify the spirit of Ratnagiri,people living in harmony!

Mr D'Souza of the resort was helpful.We wanted to make a trip to Ganpatipule.He told us that there was an alternative route by the sea which reduced the distance from 50km to 25 km!

On the way we passed villages with cashew trees and mango trees.We saw typical Konkani houses,some surrounded by fruit trees.

The view was spectacular! Reminded me of the American Pacific Coast Highway! Here we drove over mountains and saw beaches with white sand.There were also dolphins bobbing in the sea.

The temple at Ganpatipule was beautiful.It was red in colour and was by the sea at the bottom of a hill.One had to circle the hill in order to do "Pradakshina".Only those wearing sarees and lungis are allowed in the inner sanctum.In the months of November and February the doors of the temple let in sunrays that fall directly on the idol,illuminating it but it was March so we missed the sight.At their last visit,my family had done a booking for lunch at Kelkar Guruji's house and were served some fabulous vegetarian food by the priest's family at their home.

We returned to the resort.The view was breathtaking from the rooms as well as they had French windows.There was a Titanic Deck at a distance from where one could look at the ocean and the Regional Coconut Research Centre.

We also visited the Thibaw Palace.The British kept the Burmese King in exile here.The guide at the Palace told us that he had been a good king who was simple at heart.He was furious with the British when they did not pay them for the entire stock of teak wood that they bought so he fined them.Later the British conquered his country and sent him to Ratnagiri where he lived till his death.His grand daughter Tutu died here recently.

The palace is made of exquisite Burmese teak and houses some of his furniture and some astounding sculptures found in the Konkan dating back to 6 Century A.D.

We were lucky to see an exhibition of local artists and photographers at the museum.

One more interesting day in Ratnagiri!

Many more places to see...


This is one of the most beautiful places to visit and we have made a habit of driving to Goa and stopping at Ganpatipule for a night. The food, the sea, the people, the little rivers, the little villages, orchards, is simply fabulous. The Konkan is like a jewel..shimmering and changing colours and flavours all the way :)
Kurush Dalal said…
any pics of the sculptures at thibaw??
Kurush Dalal said…
how does one 'book'lunch at ganapatiphule?
Sassy Fork said…
I will try and get the number for you.
They don't allow us to take photographs at the Thibaw's a small museum but nice
Kathy Gori said…
this looks like an amazing trip! wow! I'm hoping to get over there in the next year, this looks like a definite must see
Sassy Fork said…
It was, Kathy! Two more posts coming up!
Madhvi said…
Completely loving this travel cum food-logue. Konkan Coast is one of a kind indeed - in it's simplicity lies it's profound beauty. And the way you chronicle your journey makes it so easy to read, visualize & enjoy! Sri loved it too & send his remembrances. He is a big fan of your posts :)

As for the food, my mouth is watering - just delicious!
Madhvi said…
Pics here are true eye-openers!

Comparision to Hwy 1 in CA is uncanny.
Pria said…
Nice post. I heard Ganpatipule have some nice beach resorts. Have to visit it next time.
magiceye said…
beautiful pics and narration

the ganpati temple at ganpatipule is not one of the ashtavinayak temples.
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Magic Eye,will correct that!
eva portman said…
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Only some have created benchmark in providing services.
One of them is Hotel Disha residency in ganpatipule the best of the best hotel i have ever stayed.
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Trav Themes said…
Really amazing place, I like it.

I must say the once you visit Tarkarli beach It is world famous white sand beach in India

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