Upper Crust Dog Show 2011:"Dog A' Fair"

The Upper Crust Dog Show is a one of a kind event launched by Farzana Contractor,wife of the late Busybee /Behram Contractor and editor of the food and lifestyle magazine Upper Crust(www.uppercrustindia.com).She is a mother to two adorable Lhasa Apsos.No surprise then that she has started a pet magazine called "Dogs & More"!

Dog A'Fair is an informal show about home dogs rather than show dogs, where one can see different dog breeds and interact with them and their proud owners.The minute I entered, I was greeted by this cute 3 month old Labrador pup who wagged his tail incessantly and licked me all over my face!
The show had celebrity dog lovers like American Consul General Paul Folmsbee,
Pritish Nandy,Perizaad Zorabian,Aarti & Kailash Surendranath and Ashmit Patel.Paul applauded Farzana for bringing out this community event.Mumbaikars from different parts of the city and from different fields got together in South Mumbai to just be around animals,which was a great destressor.A welcome change from the habit of sitting in front of televisions and computers.

This show also had strays that could be adopted( and many of them were) and touched on the issue of the necessity of poop bags to keep the city clean.These were provided free to all.

I had no idea that breeds such as Collie,Sharpie,St Bernard,King Charles spaniel and Himalayan Sheep Dog were present in Mumbai.We saw them all and we could pet them! Man and Nature in harmony!

Most owners see their dogs as their children and want to indulge them.The show had some interesting stalls.....like The Spoilt Brat Barkery which serves Woofwoof Waffles made of wholewheat flour and cornmeal,Flea Fighter treats with Garlic and Brewer's Yeast as well as Walnut and Bran Pupcakes! As a Valentine's day Special,they had Heart Shaped treats.Yadika Sharma,the owner, can be reached at www.thespoiltbrat.com

Pretty amused to see dog spas....the pooch that makes us relax just by his presence, needs to chill out too! There were also stalls on pet vacations,pet photoes and dog nutrition.

Hold your breath....spotted a Tarot Card Reader for dogs,to cleanse their aura!

and a Matrimonial service for dogs....Doggimonials!!!

What better place for two dogs to get married than the one with a view of the Gateway of India and the Taj and boats bobbing in the water? The calm sea breeze added to the beauty of the Radio Club annexe.

Zahed Khan,the Bollywood hero, was the Chief Guest.

The marriage vows were read out at the ceremony.

and then the priest declared them dog and wife.

The lovely Shaheen Kara made sure everyone got a piece of the Wedding Cake.

There were dalmations,weinraminers,mastiff....


and Cockerspaniels
Jolly hard to take pictures of kids and dogs...they move quickly and sometimes turn their back to you...

Curry Spice,a fantastic photographer and blogger,who accompanied me to the Dog A'Fair, has a dalmatian like this one called Pepper.

There was a pair of a Chinese breed called Sharpie with purple tongues!!

This little one poses for the camera when you say "photo"!!

If there was a bakery for dogs,there was also food for pet parents!

Chicken Biryani by Kakori House

Paneer and Chicken rolls by Wraps and Rolls

I had attended the show last year with Rahul and Swati Arte's boxer Junior who made a lot of friends,big and small!

This time I missed seeing the JOSS stall which had fresh fantastic sushi and dimsums! Maybe they were busy with the Kala Ghoda festival.

The Upper Crust Dog Show "Dog A'Fair" is a fun event! Every person there looked happy! The dogs create a positive vibe.You need not be a dog owner to be there...just a dog lover!!!


The knife said…
I so want a dog :(
Sassy Fork said…
me too....a Labrador or a Maltese!
Anonymous said…
Why don't you collect all the money wasted on these meaningless events, and help some impoverished children instead
Sassy Fork said…
Helping impoverished children is a great cause and I applaud for it.
This show served not only to showcase various dog breeds but also served to bring Mumbaikars closer and encouraged people to be outdoors.
Usage of Poop bags was promoted to make Mumbai a cleaner place.
Adoption of stray dogs was promoted and I am happy to say that many were.
To the owners their dogs are like their children,so it's not surprising that they would want to indulge them at times.
I for one found it very relaxing to be around dogs after having had a hard week at work.We look for these simple pleasures,must we deny ourselves that?
People do contribute their bit for society...in different ways.
qtfan said…
I wish you would not be nasty, Mr. Anonymous. Dogs make amazing pets and super companions. This post was wonderful. I wish more such events are organised, so that the focus stays on regular dogs and not only show dogs. Sassy Fork, super job.
The knife said…
Sassy, if you want a lab then you must read the book 'Marley and me'. I'll give it to you.

Dear Anon, who was the comment aimed at? To the best of my knowledge Sassy didn't organise the show
Sassy Fork said…
Would love to read "Marley and me"...had seen a promo of the movie...was quite touching!
The knife said…
book was much better than the movie
Hey, I have got a darling dalmation-PHOEBE and I would so love to take her to such a wonderful show. Please do let me know when similar events happen again.
Sassy Fork said…
Sure...do check out www.uppercrustindia.com
There is also a Facebook page for the Dog Show.
Last year they had one at Bandra as well after a few months.

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