Global Konkan Exhibition,Bandra

A lot of my posts are on Marathi cuisine.I am half Maharashtrian(half Bengali) therefore keen to learn more about my culture and share it with my friends.The Global Kokan exhibition at the BKC grounds(24-27th Feb 2011,10 am to 10 pm) is an attempt to present the wealth of the Konkan to the rest of the,arts and tourism.The sets are designed by none other that Nitin Chandrakant Desai,the art director from Bollywood (of Lagaan,Jodha Akbar and Devdas fame) whose historical T.V serial Bajirao Mastani has many,many followers.

Ths made me smile.....Shudh Shakahari Kokani Masa...the pure veg Konkan fish!

At the centre there was a miniature stage which had folkdances all day long.

At the sides are halls,some airconditioned,which showcased various things

The Matsyalay Mahavidyalaya is an institute in Ratnagiri that provides degrees such as Bachelors and Masters in Fisheries Sciences.

They were selling small packets of Shrimp Pickle made by their students.

Other stalls were those of small time manufacturers who have immense talent and have created products using local produce.They however do not have the capacity to advertise like big companies and have so far remained unsung.

There were Chickoo Chips from Vasai

and Amla Candy from Sindhudurg

Fanas Poli made of Jackfruit

and balls of tamarind from Kankavli

The famous Maharashtrian Masala...Goda Masala from Usha Home Products from Sindhudurg

They also have readymade mixes such as Malvani Chicken Masala and Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa which can be bought in Mahim.

If you get Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter abroad,you get Kokum Body Butter in the Konkan!!

I bought Pachak or the Digestive Syrup is made of Ginger,Lime,Asafoetida and Saindhav Salt,a rock salt from the mountains

I remember travelling to Pune by train when I was young and villagers coming to sell "Karvanda",a purple fruit in leaf cups at Khandala and Lonavla train stations.Here Deepashree Products have brought out a Karvanda Sherbet! Very soothing!

You could buy flour to make Ambolis or the Konkan Rice Dosas.

The King Fruit made its appearance but only in's only February!

One of the most interesting stalls was that of the Vartaks who make Su-Keli using Rajali bananas that are left to dry in the sun then packed in dried banana leaves.Lends them a golden hue and a sweet taste

Cashews grow a plenty and the cashew fruit too is used for cooking.Tender Cashew Bhaji is a delicacy from Konkan.

Was happy to see a health food stall by a person from the Konkan that was selling snacks such as Jeera Sticks and Nachni Wholewheat Biscuits,all without maida!

Here's wishing much success to all the food manufacturers from Kokan! Go global!


magiceye said…
seems interesting
no konkan curry stalls?
Sassy Fork said…
I was there on the first day in the afternoon and didn't see any posters for food stalls.Was looking forward to them.Maybe they have it over the weekend...will ask my friends who will be going tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
looks g8....going tomorrow...
pramod said…
superb pictorial writeup. mouth watered reading the delicacies.
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Pramod!
Enjoy,Anon! I missed the stalls behind the big bullock check them out and tell us!
Sassy Fork said…
Just figured you are The Pramod Lohia of Indiblogger fame!
Sameer Surve said…
The only thing missing was no one stall keepers were in konkani dress??
Sassy Fork said…
Yes,Sameer...that would have been nice!!
Vinayak said…
solid and lai bhari , global kankan exhibition dar varshi bharayala pahije, ani stall var assal malvani meva tevla pahije for eg. khaja, khadkade ladu , amba poli , ghavne ( malvani ) , etc.
Vinayak said…
lai bhari and solid dar varshi asa mahostave jhala pahije navin item sahit . keep it up.
Sassy Fork said…
Ho Vinayak and Malvani Masaa pan!
Arun said…
I visited yesterday and it was worth visiting this exhibition full of energy lot of innovative stalls and very informative.

Nicely done. I like to coordinate with participant in future as well but there was no directory availbile.

Is any one can help to get Directory for participant specially for hospitality industry as this part was untouched and we like to explore more.
Sassy Fork said…
@ Arun,their website is where u will get details of the organization.They also have a Facebook page called "Global Konkan".
This being their first exhibition,I am sure next time around they will have many more things including a directory of all the exhibitors,which is a great suggestion!
Sassy Fork said…
I only hope that the MMRDA Grounds are evened out before any further exhibitions.I sprained my ankle after tripping there.
It would be nice if the MMRDA would construct a permanent massive convention centre there with toilets and central airconditioning.
binal said…
Hi im late to this comment thread, nevertheless is made interesting reading!can u suggest places in mumbai where i can buy these malvani/mahastrian masalas please?
Sassy Fork said…
hi can get Malvani masalas in a lot of shops in Dadar west including Konkan Bazaar at Shivaji Park.Do send me your email address and I will send u details
We can supply 10 tons of karvand in season. if any one is interested in buying please contact us on this number 8056186321 or mail us at

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