The Knife's Birthday

7th February is the Knife's birthday.Many of you already know him.Kalyan Karmakar is a food blogger who writes with sincerity and passion about holes in the wall as well as five star restaurants in Mumbai.He doesn't claim to be an authority but tells us what works for him,as a common man....take it or leave it.He is helpful and respectful.Always credits the source of his information,no matter how small or big the person.He encourages new bloggers and is supportive of his fellow bloggers.
He pays for his meals (or discloses on the rare occasions that he doesn't).In the end what makes a restaurant work is customer satisfaction.For those restaurants that haven't appealled to him,I would say,it's time to reflect how to make it better.We appreciate it when our views are taken seriously rather than personally.Am reminded of Nisheeth Sharan of the outstanding restaurant Grillopolis who reads every review about his restaurant in Burrp! and other sites and takes corrective measures.Way to go!

The Knife's birthday was a day the virtual world met the real world.Bloggers,Facebook friends and Twitter friends were all there,some meeting for the first time.Forging new friendships and sharing varied perspectives. Jyotika with her Bazooka captured the event with magical pictures. Gaurav and Romi charged the atmosphere with their quips and laughter. We had a couple there who would vouch for blogging...Nishant and Tanuja met because of it and are now married! I met the witty baker Gia for the first time.Had ordered an Xmas cake after seeing it on Kalyan's blog last year.It was all that was promised.

At the party,there were people from different walks of life, all bound by the common thread of their love for food and friends.

Soumik provided the music for the Happy Birthday song.Ratoola the singing!

The Nutella Cake was beautiful ....we all longed for a bite.

The Knife warned everyone about coming any closer to it.

Finally after he cut it,the dainty and loving Mrs Knife/Kainaz plastered it all over his face.

The plan was to leave the rest for dessert but many of us were to tempted to have it before...and we did!

Kalyan prepared a whole meal by himself for the party,barring a little help from Banu...God bless her kebab making skills ......

A Mediterranean Salad of aubergines,hung curd and pine nuts,that would have got him accolades from Moshe. The non vegetarians also attacked it....thinking the aubergine was chicken....just kidding! It was superb!

Then there were Bean Sprouts to go with the Thai Curry and rice as they do in Chiang Mai,Thailand.He made a Veg Curry and a Chicken Curry.The warm and friendly Qtfan(Ranjit) pointed out that authentic Thai curries have to be watery so that they pair easily with rice.There were also Oriental Ribs for the non-vegetarians.Madhumita did arrive after midnight with her kebabs(in direct competition with Bunking Banu's Legendary Kebabs who may bunk more hereafter,in protest) but I couldn't meet her as I did a Cinderella.

The exclusive ownership of this dish was claimed by Harshad whose vegetarianism has inspired Kalyan in that mean feat! :D

It was a blissful evening in another world.....wish his birthdays came more often!


The knife said…
Hey Sassy, I was really excited to see this and opened it on my phone itself. Made my morning, day and week. You are really a wonderful person and the verdict's unanimous on that. K and I were especially touched that you could make it so late and it was a pleasure hosting you. Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts. Now I am off to think of new ideas on what to toss up with the animal bone spoons with Udon Noodles, South African peppers and Vietnamese spring roll paper while dreaming of my Fort Walks and finding out why Mars & Venus collide
qtfan said…
Beautiful post. The evening was magical. And it was so awesome meeting you. Kalyan does bring out the best in people. And you are special indeed.
Chetna said…
How sweet !! I love birthdays with "true friends", informality, home cooked food and candid pictures.
Good people make great company.
Nice to know the birthday boy and his friends had a good time.
Sassy Fork said…
Thanks Knife!Am looking forward to tales of yr culinary adventures,historic walks and soul exploration :)
@qtfan:Thank you!It was wonderful meeting you!What a basket you got together!
@ Chetna: Yes,nothing like spending time with friends!
The knife said…
It was an awesome evening. I think K got it right. being surrounded by great friends did help me get over not being at Goa

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