Bimba Nayak's Malvani Seafood Cooking Class

There are many cooking classes in Mumbai but I could find only one Malvani Seafood class.I met Bimba Nayak at last year's Upper Crust Show where she was displaying her chocolates and handing over pamphlets of "Cooking Concepts".She has worked for several years as Chef to the King Of Kuwait.She used to take baking orders earlier and even worked as a seamstress but now only teaches.

It was from her that I first heard about the difference between Malvani and Koli Cuisine.Geographically from faraway areas the food is bound to be different.Kolis are the first inhabitants of Mumbai and Malvan is at the southern coastal tip of Maharashtra,close to Goa.Malvani food is spicier and has garam masala whereas Koli dishes are sweeter and are made with Koli masala.Malvani food mainly has fresh fish,barring the Javala or miniature shrimp whereas Kolis use many types of the dried fish(and also fresh)

I attended the class sometime ago (which she takes with the help of her son Hiren) and the Koli festival I attended this year brought to my mind her class,which she holds only once or twice a year.The first dish Bimba taught us was the Prawn Loncha or Pickled Prawns.

Next she taught a simple Clams or Teesrya Koshimbir.She spoke about how to clean clams,throw out unopened ones and thoroughly rinse the others to get the sand and grit out.

Everyone loves Stuffed Bombil and so she showed us how to make them.

Nishtak is the traditional Malvani Fish Curry made with coconut and is oh so simple to make!

No seafood class can be complete without Crabs so next we learnt the Crab Curry.

Then there was the simple dish of Tawa cooked Jawala.

In addition she showed how to cook Kombdi Cha Rassa(Chicken Curry) and Vade.These dishes can be had at several homestays in the Malvan as well as MTDC resorts.Malvan/Tarkarli is a great place to visit,the beauty of the ocean,coconut trees all along the coast and the delicious food will definitely take your breath away!

Cooking Concepts,Manoj Society,962 N.S.Ghanekar Society,Prabhadevi,Mumbai 400025
Tel: 9833121884 (Bimba/Hiren Nayak)


The knife said…
Thanks for sharing this. Good to know that there is a place to learn how to cook Maharashtrian home styled food in the capital of Maharashtra. May the tribe increase
WOW I'm so glad you put this up. I'm going through a seafood phase.. and am especially enjoying Maharashtrian and S. Indian dishes. Hope to find some time for this soon.
I can't bring myself to eat my bottle-gourd bhaji after reading this! Thanks for sharing her contact number!
Sassy Fork said…
True Knife!! Not many Maharashtrian cooking classes I know of!
Shaheen,glad you like it!
Haha Saee!!
Hi, Where can I find an authentic recipe of Clam Koshimbir? Thanks
Sassy Fork said…
Email me on
Anagha said…
hey I so so happy to find this piece of information, Thanks a ton for discovering and then posting this.As I can see this more than a year old, I just hope this still holds good.
Sassy Fork said…
Yes,Anagha....she's still holds the classes
meet said…
Hi. its really amazing, as marriage is on the back of my mind and i am planning to marry a malvani guy so interested to learn some malvani dishes. these are the real amazing and yum recipes.
Anonymous said…
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Thanks and Regards.

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